Push notification for near ending War and Titans


Would it be possible to get push notification when War and Titans are about to end, like 1 hour before they end? Or at least make it optional. We lost the latest war with about 80 points, and had two guys who didnt use their flags. Naturally, that is an issue of its own, but if there was push notification enabled, maybe such things could be avoided if people forget about it.

I can see the advantage, but not sure how it will work in reality. Many would turn it off, plus there are different tools. We use Line which allows for notifications, but even with Line and multiple pinging, we have people who have missed before.

I’d recommend checking out Line or Discord or similar. This third party app will address your concern and enhance your communication as an alliance.

Yeah, you’re right that there are other solutions out there, no doubt. And if people are concerned about missing out when a war and/or a titan ends, they can even just set an alarm clock on their phone as well. So theres already existing solutions to this for those who really want to make sure to not miss out on war and/or titans, indeed.

I’m mostly thinking of having it as a “quality of life” feature, maybe aimed a bit more towards the “casual player” (for the lack of a better description). Functioning in the same way how the game gives you notification when someone has attacked your base, and when a new titan appears (and when titan loot is ready for collecting). The game technically doesnt have to do push those notification, but it does it to notify the player when certain things happen, so why not a notification when war and titans are about to end? :slight_smile: And if someone doesnt want the extra notification, they could simply turn it off, and it would be a good solution for anyone :slight_smile:

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