Purple vs Blue vs Gold VIP dragon: does it have any effects on the game? [Answer: no, it's just for fun]

Does changing the color of my VIP dragon do anything? Or is it just a personalization effect?

Just personalization.


Isn’t that purple and green (tosca)?

I have gold :grin:

@yelnats_24, instead of posting an ambiguous, hey I got mine, maybe share why your dragon is gold versus the green or purple which you can choose if you have a month…?

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It’s from invite feature. You can choose it once three accounts that you invited reach level 10. You also get the avatar:


Am I asleep, or do you have “Irregular” as a forum title?

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You are not asleep…

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And @JonahTheBard have “Bard of the Forum” title…

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@yelnats_24 it is old screenshot, or this isn’t avaible for all?

This is version 21. My post was version 20 as I don’t update my app yet…


I can change the color of my dragon? :open_mouth:

Aww that’s only for inviting friends? I already invited all my friends. I don’t have any more friends. :worried:

We are the “poor” Regulars.

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Green from monthly
Purple from yearly
Golden from 3 invite

The green and purple can be changed at will. I never bought the yearly package, but I changed my dragon to purple.


Photographic evidence

I thought the purple was available after purchasing 12 months, individually or as a bundle.

(Both VIP dragons available)

This is only my third month. I did the Rudolf deal over Christmas, then last month and this one.

I am an F2P, I never buy VIP, I got it only from invite reward, the only choice available to me is green and gold… no purple for me… I will post the photographic evidence once the 5th invite is completed. My alliance teammates said that the purple is available after second purchase…


Thank you :slight_smile: now I have a purple dragon, how sweet <3

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