Purple problems (aka none are great)

All I am getting is Oberon, Renfield and Gill-Ra. I do not have costumes for the S1 characters. Are any worth ascending?

Among the 3, Oberon and Gill-ra are decent.


Gil-Ra is decent for defense down on titans and cleanse for other facets of the game.

Renfeld and Oberon are :face_vomiting: without costumes. [Oberon has not had a costume released yet]


I hear that Renfield in costume is pretty good, but I am not sure leveling him and hoping for a costume is a good idea. I have a Gunnar leveled hoping for a costume, but he is useful as is.

I guess I will level up Gill-Ra as soon as I finish Tyrum’s costume’s skill level. Unfortunately Rigard is waiting on trap tools.


I leveled Gill-Ra and don’t regret it. As @Kikyo mentions, she cleanses status ailments from her allies, even in the Bloody Battle tournament.

She’s slow, so I use her as a tank. Note, too, that in Rush tournaments, she’s really handy. The same applies for Oberon (that is, he’s better in Rush tournaments) which is why, I suspect, that @Ultra likes him – I have eaten all my Oberon draws, so I can’t speak from personal experience.

Renfeld’s costume makes him better with incremental improvements to his stats, and a big enhancement to his special.

My recommendation is to level them in this order: Gill-Ra >> Renfeld >> Oberon.

Step two: cross your fingers for Renfeld’s costume. I get that any strategy that involves crossing one’s fingers is a poor strategy, but you have to work with the heroes you have.

I am curious what Oberon’s costume (when released) will do. He’s a somewhat derided hero, so I am hoping that his costume is big buff for him.


Max Renfield so long. You’ll get his costume soon enough. He is a mini Onatel. Very good at buying you time. Gil-Ra is okay but never gets used as your roster grow, so many other good heroes around. Plan ahead and save the XP.

Oberon and Gil-ra are both slow but have good abilities. As for Renfeld, his mana speed is average. He was my 1st purple 3* so I was working on him until I got Bjorn (s3) and chucked Renfeld at 2.1 aside. I drew his costume last month so I am actually considering levelling my Renfeld.

Uses for Oberon and Gil-ra would be limited to farming, quests and 3* tournaments, specifically rush attack. Oberon and Gil-ra may not be able to fire off if they’re being used in the buff booster or bloody battle. However, if you are able to, then they will be quite good but it can be difficult. But that’s my opinion.

Uses for Renfeld would also include farming, quests and all the 3* tournaments.

Conclusion: I would go for Renfeld as he is usable in more situations due to his mana speed. However, you should also consider which heroes you already have maxed in the Fighter class (for specifically for emblem quests). You will also need to see what is your current need.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Gill-ra is quite helpfull in rush attack and buff booster tourney. Renfeld is not that strong, but C.renfeld is great

I never use oberon now. Not since i have baltazar, bjorn, and cochin

You are a newer player? Ditch Oberon right now ((if you have nothing better), Renfeld is plain ugly, has the same special as Prisca but he is not just not permanently disappointed; used about 5 times ((zero for Renfeld); he’s not a keeper. Gil-Ra will serve you well well in the right tourney.
Happy gaming!

I had Rigard eat Oberon. I am still trying to max out Tyrum’s costume (6/8). I have decided to work on Gill-Ra next as I am short on sorcerers. Maybe now that I have publicly committed the RNG will give me a better purple hero to work on.


Invoke the name @Rook; in the forum! Worked for me more than once! (but don’t spoil my superstition?)

Does that work any more now, though, since Rook got a HOTM?

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I don’t need purple really atm; I wouldn’t dare… EDIT: Oh dang, I already did it!!!

Precisely where I have used them depending on the rest of the composition, when they fire respectively the enemies are set to be hurt or get hurt progressively…
As for bloody battle Ulmer =>Jahangir =>Oberon end of story…

So I will max Gil-ra and Oberon.

As for Renfeld, my first maxed 3* purple, was long eaten by who? can’t remember, but would only max if I pull the costume, never really like him and Prisca but the costume now made the difference.

Gilra she cool :sunglasses: keep the other 2 still as handy maybe for wars or trails in the future

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I have Oberon and Gil-ra maxed. Renfeld is new at 1/1. Gil-ra was useful in trials of mystic. She and costume Hawkmoon are only sorcerers with me. You should work on Gil-ra.


If you invoke me, you will get a Layla, or other low Purple. :grin:


Sorry, but last time a I got a Proteus!!!

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I do skew into purple…

Clarissa (!), Sartana, Domitia, Obakan, Quintus, Rigard, Sabina, Cyprian, Proteus, Cheshire Cat, Tiburtus, Merlin, Fura, (and Bjorn, Guardian Bat, Priscilla, Balthazar, Tyrum…not to mention Layla) :wink:

I am totally name dropping @Rook. I keep getting lots of greens. I now have little john, hisan, muggy, and Lianna. Now I am not complaining but I can’t level that many green at once! Finishing Hansel … it takes forever to do these ending levels … 66…

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