Purple LB Vote

  • Alfrike
  • Jabber
  • G Panther
  • Kunchen
  • Clarissa
  • C Domitia
  • Thoth-Amun
  • Chakkoszrot
  • Zulag

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@D_DI here is the second questionnaire for you

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Can I hijack your post to ask… which would you guys LB between Alfrike and Ludwig? Considering both works together most of the time.

Eventually, probably both will get LB. But for now… ?

If you have BK or Krampus do Alfrike otherwise Lud


Personally, I haven’t limit broken any heroes yet. Aethers are very rare (especially for FTP/C2P players) and they can’t be reset. That’s why I wouldn’t advise you to limit break a hero unless you are certain that this hero would make a big impact (or you have a lot of aethers saved to limit break a game-changing hero immediately in case you get one).

With that being said, Alfrike is a monster in rush attack wars/tournaments and is really good in other aspects of the game so perhaps you can’t make a mistake by choosing her.

I had a look at your other two topics for red and yellow hero to limit break - for me none of them is game-changing enough to deserve the aethers. Once you have 15+ tier III aethers, you could consider limit breaking someone.

But again, this is the way I play (hoarding mats) so this may not be your style.


What do people think of Thorth-Amun now he has been buffed?? Is his mana up worth it for a mono team slot?

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