Purple hero advice

Just landed Victor from Morlovia summons. How does he compare with Killhare?

I already have Kageburado & Clarissa as VFast purple, would adding Victor to this combo make them better, or would he be redundant?

Victor is an ok hero.

Killhare is an elite hero.

For me, it’s Killhare 100% of the time.


No question. Killhare will out perform victor in just about every part of the game.

He doesn’t compare to Killhare at all, but is good in a purp stack

Victor is suck. Low damage

Killhare every day.

If you also have Jean Francois she works brilliantly with him, changing her def down into a def up!

Even without JF though, she is very very good. Victor is OK but not even close to her effectiveness

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