Purple help

I can ascend one, and still keep mats to final level kage. Between Merlin,proteus and rigard who helps me best in AW.


Proteus is the go. But if you lack healers for War Rigard is always a good choice.

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All very useful heroes, and without seeing the rest of your bench I’d say Proteus. Mana control is a game changer.

Rigard is simply the best 4* healer.

Must-have for me.

Rigard-Great healer & Cleanser

IF you don’t need those abilities…

PROTEUS (but make sure you can keep him alive!) He will hands down take any three heroes and turn them into chumps for three turns at a time!

I don’t have Kage nor have I leveled my Sartana yet (plenty of snipers on my roster) but I have used Merlin and he is a ton of fun. He is a hit or miss hero to take a long, but boy is it satisfying to watch the enemy hit themselves!

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you can’t go wrong with witchever you choose so it all depends on your roster. great purple team btw

Another vote for Proteus. I have them all and that’s the route I would go unless I didn’t have healers. He is just going to be more useful than the others.

Kage is awesome and you will want to get to him, but he shines when combined with his family or a hero like Panther. He really needs a booster to compensate for his normal attack by either speeding him up or making sure his first shot is a kill shot.

You’ve got Proteus to 3/48 already. How well it’s he working with your play style so far? Also, how well it’s your AW defense team set up for healing? Rigard is super sturdy and comes with a cleanse.

I’ve read your thoughts on kage and can’t wait to level him. I’m using him with Sartana now on raids to see how he works. I’m two Tabards short so will have to play with him under powered for awhile
I have enough of his family to fill 5 slots but they are totally unleveled, maybe I’ll work on Mitsuko first.

One more vote for Proteus, or Rigard if you need healers. Merlin is fun, but he’s not the most reliable.

We use red tank on defense. I use isarnia mother Marjana justice and sartana.

Given that, my guess is Proteus will be most immediately useful to you then. Plus, you’ve got him most of the way leveled.

Rigard is a must-have. Proteus is a nice-to-have.

Rig’s heal is huge, but his cleanse is critical. He’s also a tank and won’t die in 1-2 hits like Proteus will.

Proteus is amazing, just make sure you have someone to splash heal him and he will win you many raids.

I lean toward your advice as proteus gets one shot by the titans and opponents.

Don’t get me wrong - proteus is worth leveling for sure! … just do Rigard first.

Rigard unless you have Zim/Vivica/Aeron to help cleanse.

Proteus after Rigard.

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