Purple Haze

I’m a bit confused, I have a character cyprien and I have maxed out there special skill. It says that they give a hundred and 15% of the damage received and return it back for them and their surrounding allies for five turns. So doesn’t that just give this 4-star character the ability to deal more damage than any other character in the game but not just for him but for the surrounding characters and for five turns. Unless I do not understand this correctly this would make this 4*able to give 15% more damage than anyone else in the game

It doesnt work like that.

It reflects 115% of the damage the hero takes.

Say your Cyprian has his “Perfect Ripost” up, and gets hit by a special dealing 100 damage.
The hero doing the 100 damage would receive 115 damage.

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In essence you are correct, almost any AE attack will certainly spell doom for the attacker except in the case of DoT attacks. So yes, riposte can do the most damage to any attacker given the right situation. Tib,Kash,Cyp,Kash,Tib is my go to team for the hard PvE situations and are virtually unkillable in all situations in PvE that i have thrown at them.

Just out of curiosity: what happens if cyprian attacks cyprian, both with activated ripost? Appocalypse?

They both take damage, but only once each

Cyprian is an awesome tank and also works very well on attack teams, especially against stronger teams when paired with healers. I’ve beaten teams over 500 points above me using him. It’s really funny to watch Wu Kong go off then the opposition kills themselves in one turn with auto attack.


Same, but I use Boril. Once he’s up and running you can actually coax big hitters into self destruction by charging them up.

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