Purple considerations

Hi guys! I did already have several talks via line chat and within my alliance and would be happy to hear your voice about it.

My Purple Choices maxed:

Kunchen +8, Khiona +8, Obakan +6, Domitia, just maxed Jabberwock (will go to +20 in the next weeks), 2x C-Rigs +19, Proteus +19, C-Tibs +19

5* options to max:

Marie-Therese, Quintus and Duplicates of Khiona, Obakan and another Quintus.

My purple Troops:

Mana: LvL 23, Lvl 5, Lvl 5, lvl 1
Crit: lvl 10

I will max Lady Locke this month and therefore considered maxing MT although i think she is pretty mediocre but maybe you can convince me that its worth it. I also hesitate to max Quintus as he will propably not get my Emblems and i don’t have his costume.

Furthermore i don’t have a 2nd Mana troop which is high enough so i could play Kunchen+Quintus.

However i did envision a team for MT:

Locke, Brynchild +19, MT, Jabberwock, Obakan/C-Lianna

Please let me know if you would max MT and how would you build a Team around MT+Locke? Thank you :slight_smile:

I have Khiona, Quintus and Obakan out of those you mentioned. If I had another Khiona I might level her to buff my entire team with berserk attack up. The others I think 1 is definitely enough.

I have no idea on Marie-Therese myself, the few times I’ve ran into her she is on wing for defenses which doesn’t seem like a good spot for her. For offense though I value healers a lot, even if slow, and that would be a plus for me if I had her since she provides HoT.

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I would go with Marie Therese. Absolutely love her. Have her currently at +18 and use her for raid defense and offense when stacking purps. I use her as flank and as @DaveCozy mentions, she isn’t meant for the wing being slow and all. I have her paired with 3 fast heroes and 1 average on defense. I went attack path on her talent grid and her attck is currently 834 and will get 857 once I get more emblems on her. She is a great do it all type hero. Her HoT is quite effective and the def buff helps heroes stay alive while the heal is doing its work. The zombie blessing has saved me in more than a few matches as well. With her attck up via talent grid, her special damage isn’t a game changer, but it hits hard enough to matter. My defense holds 2600-2700 cups on average. She isn’t heavily used by lots of other players but she shouldn’t be underestimated and I like that my defense shakes things up a little by including her. She goes to every yellow titan as well as her tile damage is great

As far as Locke combined with MT, I can’t say. I love Lady Locke as well but I almost always just use her for green stacks, and with Frigg as LL has devastating tile damage.

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Thank you for your input! Those attack and defense stats are decent but as i use Jabberwock in my defense he gets all monk emblems currently and after that there is also Drake Fong. Frigg would be a davastating partner for Locke but i don’t have her^^

Family bonus on locke and MT is attractive though cause it enables better Kombos with lower troops. I would just need a lvl 11 troop in purple for example and a lvl 5 troop on Locke. I am just sure yet how competetive a Team like this might be.

Agree, and I pair MT with Finley on my def to get a little extra boost there. MT just fits in great with my particular raid def and I do love her for purple stacks and yurple attack teams. Well, you got some great heroes and you already have Jabber close to +20 so you should stick with that as he’s a killer. I would say that MT would add additional support plus great tile damage for war and raid attack teams should you max her. In any case though, good luck with your pick!

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And… she has a snake. That’s the real clincher.


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