Purple circus - Mok-arr/ Quintus /Thoth

I’ve started my journey ca. 18 month ago. During this time I’ve acquired several nice heroes, who serves me well…as well as few questionable ones who warming the bench. My today’s dilemma is called purple circus, as the 3 clowns are entering the arena:
Thoth (3/70 - my 1st 5*)
Quintus - 1/1
Mokk - Arr - 1/45 (“my lucky Atlantis pull”)
I’ve went through several topics where I’ve learned that mok and quintus have some level of usability, but in most cases - they are supported with right heroes. This is not my case - or at least I cannot provide a support in purple colour such as Khiona or Panther…
All 3 guys were put to freezer long time ago, but as my stock has started to refill tabards (I’ve already utilized 12 for my seshat’s deadly duo), I’ve begun to wonder…to ascend or not to ascend any of these individuals :slight_smile:
As f2p I’m not counting on any of s3 heroes, so that leaves me with Tc or illusional chances in Atlantis/ events.

Of the three I would consider Thoth or quintus. Quintus will at least be interesting in 5* rush tourneys.

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Mok is great if you have Wilbur/Aegir (even more so if you have BK/Khiona).
Unless you’re running three or a heavily purple stack, his self-harm downside may bite back… Not to mention that he’s useless against purple enemies.
As a first purple to max, he’s not the one to do.

Quintus hits absolutely huge, but he’s also squishy and slow mana (not a great combination).

Thoth is underwhelming but usable and the most versatile of the three… If you’re not willing to wait on TC20 throwing up Sartana or Domitia, he’s your man.

If you have 2X Seshat, Thoth would do no good for you. He is a poor-man version of her…
Go with Quintus. For offense or Vfast tournament, he hits hard and can make the difference once he fires.

I missed that you have two maxed Seshat…

In that case, I’d do Mok Arr - that would give you a powerful theesome to attack with.

At average mana he’ll give you more utility than Quintus.

I actually prefer Thoth-Amun with Seshat for a barrage of skull minions. I have Quintus, but he’s slow. He’s strong, but very slow.
He will only ever launch his special half the time in raids and war battles. And Mok-Arr…well, he’s useless against Dark enemies, and beware of Holy allies lined up in a team with him. Mok-Arr is only useful in a Dark stack against Holy.

Run mono purple w Mok Ar and love the life you lead


This sounds tempting, even though I’ve switch from mono to 3/2 (jackal / joon / seshat x 2 / rigard).
However I wonder if the team consists of:
Costumed Rigard +19 / Constumed Tiburtus +19 / Mokkarr +8/ Seshat +7/ Seshat would be considered deadly :slight_smile:
Actually in both classes: barb and sorc I’ve saved ca. 500 emblems each, so either quintus/mokk can get some enhancement :slight_smile:

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Hell yes!
250% AoE to neutral colours (more vs holy) at average mana is huge… Throw in attack boost and defence drop and it’s even bigger.

Used right, Mok is an absolute beast.

Of course that mono is useless against a heavy dark team… But you wouldn’t run a dark mono against a dark heavy defence anyway, your get out your jackal/joon two punch and some RGB.

Against a rainbow defence when it’s otherwise the right stack, you need to be able to deal with that one dark… Two Seshat’s means you’ve got heavy snipe and a backup, so you can deal with Mok not hitting that dark hero.

All I can tell you is that I’ve been running mono for around 18 months and purple was my first team; right now my 2nd Seshat doesn’t even make the team and I’d be running Mok-Ar if I could pull him.

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I quite often run mono red… I’ll occasionally cut it back to 3-2 if it suits, though.
(My other colours mono work great against 38-4200TP in wars but they’re not quite where I want them yet).

Wilbur, BK and G.Kong go almost everywhere (barring red reflect) - often with Falcon and now JF in the mix.

That theesome with 3.70 Mok he was more than pulling his weight (other purple usually my maxed Kage).
So I ascended him - now at 4.70 (and rising!) and he’s simply monstrous.
It’s almost funny how many people curse him as useless when he’s got so much potential!

I originally started off shifting Mok to 2.60 for farming duties (he was my only Dark AoE at the time)…
Seeing him hitting harder than 3.60 Kadilen and maxed (at the time uncostumed) LiXiu made me curious enough to boost him on to 3.70.
Seeing him hold his own in diamond raids at 3.70 made me decide to put tabards into the madlad - no regrets so far!!

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