Purple chest? Still waiting


It’s been 3 months since I had a special (purple etc) quest. Everyone else says they got it two weeks ago. Still waiting for mine. Hello?


The purple wanted chests are different from the rare quests that show up in the quest section.

Everyone gets quests at the same time.

Purple rare wanted chests (e.g. kill 150 fire monsters) are random for each person, though the faster you fill the other chests (100 monster, 40 hero, 5 titan), the more frequently the rare ones come.


Dante is right, if you’re talking about the “wanted chest” (and you want the rare one faster), you have to skipp the waiting time.
Before I did this, I had one rare chest all 4-6 weeks, since I “fast forward” the waiting time, I got every 2 weeks a rare chest.


Hmm. I have seen it that the faster I fill a regular chest (100 monsters, 40 heroes) the better the rewards are. If I fill one in an hour after it opens I get 10 gems as opposed to 3 or 5 for example. Then I wait the 12 hours delay for a new one to open
But you say that if I want a special chest, I have to spend gems to shorten the delay time? So if I have gems, I have a way to get more gems. If I have none, I get fewer rewards. Is that right?
By that logic I’ll never see another special Quest again.
Other players have told me that the devs released a purple quest game-wide, two weeks ago. I have yet to see one.
Which one is right - pay to close the delay, or a game-wide release?


They probably meant the purple rare quest. Purple wanted missions are never game wide (except the very 1st one)


Paying gems to skip doesn’t guarantee one, it just gives you more chances for the random draw


Purple rare quest and purple wanted quest - aren’t they the same thing? “kill 150 monsters of this colour”.


Yes, also known as the rare Elemental chest, etc. so long as it’s purple and requires 150 (element-specific) monsters to fill, it’s all the same thing.


Purple rare quest is not same as purple wanted chest. Rare quest gives purple ascension items and is regular map levels. We just had this two weeks ago.


Rare wanted chests and rare quests are two different things.

Quests show up on the quest button, accessed on the left side when you are in your stronghold. Quests are timed - meaning they only show up for 24h or 48h. If you didn’t login two weeks ago and complete the Morlovia quest in the day or two it was there, it finished and was replaced with another quest. There’s a limited time for quests (all of them).

The rare wanted purple chests are like any other chest - they sit there until completed.


Interesting :slight_smile: have now made several times the first box full of 100 monsters and usually get only scrap … The other quests you get is just garbage and world energy bounce I find bullshit if I’m honest … Apart from the PvP chests … Yesterday my box full and again just crap … So I’ll never get where I want to go and I think that’s a pity, especially since I have several 4 stars and 5 star heroes … If At least something clever to get out would be really awesome


the rare purple 150 chests usually give ascension materials. My last one I got poison darts and hidden blade.


I know that you get promotion materials but I need enough resources for my heroes but nothing I get … Except what I get in province 8/6 … It’s really not fun anymore I think … I am several hours on every day but what a clever thing I have not had for a long time


I usually fill it in a couple of minutes (or however long it takes to do 8.7 about 8/9 times :rofl: ), wish I would get 10 gems for the speed.

Sadly don’t think that matters, doesn’t seem to matter if you fill it with monsters from higher ranked areas either. I’ve done both (several times) and have gotten 1 gem and a large bone and a minor mana potion.

Your original question is already answered by others yeah. You mean the rare (purple) chest, which are random for everyone and wasn’t guaranteed for everyone 2 weeks ago (nor does everyone get one every 2 weeks, sadly). There was a purple quest back then, and the quests are the same for everyone and only stay around for a limited time so you also got that if you’re over lvl 10 and have access to quests (it’s called morlovia and you can get trap tools and a royal tabbard from it).


No, I confess I’m still confused. The chests on the right side on the Stronghold screen - Monsters, Heroes, Titans. That’s the ones I am asking about. I know from prior experience that occasionally one of the top two is replaced with a “kill 150 of (colour)” mission. The last time I got one of those, and filled it, my reward was a hidden blade, a couple of banners, an epic hero token, 30 gems and some other things. That I’d the one I have not seen in a very long time. That is the one that I need.
The quests are the ones such as collect stuff that washed up on the shore, find recruits, loot an ancient city for gems, those things. I get those all the time but they never give me anything useful.
I am waiting for the “kill 150 purple monsters” chest.


Those rare chests (the kill 150x-ones) spawn randomly for every player. There is a chance for any of your 3 different chests (monster, hero, titan) to spawn as a rare chest when you complete their objective.

So completing monster or hero chests, paying gems to reset them, filling them again, etc. gives more chest completions. Therefore more chances at rare chests spawning.


Shpuld have had morlovia two weeks ago with purple ascension items. We had a good run of rare quests with ascension items as spg was making up for an error where we had none


(Sorry guys. I blew right past that one. Mea culpa.)

hides under the couch with the Dust Bunnies of Shame :sob:


Hello, short question to my heroes … What do these heroes need next for resources and to get ahead?


I thought Vivicia is the strongest in yellow :frowning: I was wrong?

She is ranked 6th in the list … And Musashi is not much stronger either … Great … :frowning: