Purple books

Hey guys!
Is there a way to increase the amount of tactical books? (Purple books) since you need them fir ascending EVERY 5* hero…

I’m not asking to increase the amounts of other 4* ascension mats, its good they are rare and can be won by special titans… However, i 've never seen a special titan with a purple book…

Ok, the other ascension material dont come by that often and some people are right to complain about it, but purple books are much harder to get than other ascension mats imo…

I am playing this game for over a year now and only won a purple book 10 times, so not even 1 in a month…

Hoping for an answer from a moderator or game designer

In honesty, probably not.

See this resource for a list of places you can earn 4* Ascension Materials for FREE:

You can also convert other 4* Ascension Materials into MAYBE a Tome of Tactics using the Alchemy Lab. Read more here:

There isn’t one for Damascus Blades or Tome of Tactics. This other #ideas-feature-requests thread deals with/ asks for/ proposes having new Titans, some of which would be “grey” for the D-Blade or ToT.

They come on approximately the same schedule (RNG being equal)… The exception being for Rare Titan bonus rolls…
However, the bonus roll chance is so tiny I wouldn’t ever count it as being a “reliable” means of getting the bonus item… Put it this way, I have been playing for almost 2 years now & have gotten the Bonus Item a total of 3 times… so yeah… Tthis thread tho requests an improvement to rare titans: Improving Rare Titans)

Rare quests are on a cycle which have the 3* & 4* promotion materials as quest stage rewards.

  • Mount Umbar -> Hidden Blade & Rings
  • Shrikewood -> Sturdy Shield & Tonic
  • Frostmarch -> Warm Cape & Telescope
  • Farholm Pass #1 -> Fine Gloves & Tome of Tactics
  • Shiloh Desert -> Orb & Darts
  • Morlovia -> Trap Tools & Tabard
  • Farholm Pass #2 -> Compass & Damascus Blade

These cycle through (in order) every ~10 days or so… So if you get no materials from ANY other source, you will get a full set of items to max a rainbow 5* team in about 420 days (10 days between quests, 7 quests, 6x Rare Promotion Mats needed in each colour = 420).

I am going to close this thread up as there are already pre-existing threads requesting drop rates of materials to be increased. Feel free to vote for / promote any of the above threads or this general one:

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