Purple & Blue Tean advice team advice

I need quite a bit of help with my team! i finally fully levelled Rigard and Grimm! But not sure which direction to go now with Purple and blue. I currently have

Purple 5* Thoth 2-26, Obakan L1, Quintus L1
4* Rigard 4-70, Cyprian L1 x3, Tib L1 x3, Sabina L1

Blue 5* Perseus 1-43
4*. Grimm 4-70 , Grimm L1 x2, Kiril 3-1, Sonya L1

I like Thoth in farming, which is all I have used him for so far beacause I want him stronger for Challenges but don’t think he’d be great for Titan.I think Obakan would be better for Titans and challenges as there is the counterattack as well in his special. Unfortunately I don’t have ascension materials for either but hesitate to level Tib as I already have Grimm and Gormek . Don’t want 3 of the same special. I’m not sure on Sonya or Sabrina as I already have Rigard as a healer and use Cadmon for buff removal.

Debating Sonya but again have Caedmon so same special.

For Yellow I have Joon at 3-70 and am waiting for a dart. I have Li at 3-60 but want to use my orbs for Joon.

Oh and my green Cademon is almost fully levelled.

Currently I run Rigard, Grimm, Joon, Gormek, Cadmon

Any advice On where to focus my levelling would be appreciated!

Sometimes the “same Special” is helpful in a different color so you can double a strong color against a weak one (you really see this in Titans).

What do you mainly use your heroes for? Raiding? Titan killing? You can look at your heroes again with this thought in mind to determine who to update next… :wink:

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Kiril next please…

Although I like more Grimm/Boldtusk, but if you don’t have Boldtusk, go for Gormek/Kiril.

You got a lot of good ones. go play with them and see how they working. Rigard for example excellent healer …good use in Def and Attack if needed but not so in Titan…there is all hits and you use your healing stuff etc.

I mainly use for Titans and challenge events and rare quests, I raid the least.

Then Kiril and Tiburtus should be your next pick :wink:

If one of your focus’s is titans, Sabina is fantastic there (as is Tibs). Sabina has a really high attack score (699) and her heal allows to stay alive longer vs titan and focus on gem cascades and ignore the stun point. Oba is your long term 5* over thoth for sure.

A yellow titan team of Sabina Oba Tibs Kiril Gormek has some really nice damage potential there, and with 2 defense debuffers you can keep it up longer (and thus more damage).

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Thank so much for your input @Dante2377 would you recommend putting materials towards Oba before Tibs? And use Grimm or Gormek for the time being?

Depends how many tabards you have…at 70 Oba is still 20 attack points and 100 defense points behind Tibs at 70.

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