Purple Ascension

Hi, I’ve got an interesting question, because i have chakkoszrot, kunchen and quintus to lvl70 and i have only items for ascending only one of them, can anyone help me decide who should I ascend?

The best would be to know your other heroes but I feel like a poll would help:

  • Chakkoszrot
  • Kunchen
  • not Quintus

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Definitely Kunchen, it would make a good attacking duo along with your Domitia.


Thanks for advice. Then it will be kunchen :metal:t2:

Depends what you need…
If you need a healer and / or a tank, take Kunchen…
If you have Rigard + costume, I might think about Quintus to be honestly…

Tiburtus costume followed by Quintus = lights out for many defenses…

But I agree, Kunchen is the better option as Quintus is just slow…

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Kunchen and not particularly close.