Purple Ascension - Ridiculous Luck

Hey guys. So, since the most recent W3K event, I have had ridiculous luck pulling purple heroes, so I’d like suggestions on who to level first. Here is a screenshot of my current maxed purples.


I would have the emblems to +20 any of the heroes listed below.

  • Arfanias
  • Diaochan
  • Guardian Panter + Cosume
  • Seshat + Costume

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Diaochan is very close, but C panther might be the best hero in the game

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I think he is not by a mile. Too low def stat

I’m sorry, but with your roster and the number of heroes you’ve added emblems to, you don’t need help deciding which hero to choose. Nice flex though.

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I mean I see myztero maxed with emblems, soooo

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@Chadmo It looks like the vast majority agree with you with Panther

@King_Kyree77 I like to take other peoples’ opinions into consideration. Someone may make a point or have an opinion that differs from mine, and I want to hear it. Who did you choose, (if any)?

@Drilik Yeah, that was pre my run of luck, combined with having about 16 Tabards at the time. Figured what the heck, I won’t get enough good purples for using those Tabards to matter. The emblems were because I literally didn’t have a worthwhile target for them, and it made me chuckle. I’d tell you who I pulled that is now worth using them on, but I wouldn’t want to flex anymore!

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He has 3.5 decent maxed 5* Xnol, Alf, hel and half point for grimble.

@Lloyd6770 grats on your luck with pulls, everyone should wish for this.

Diaochan > c Panther

Fast 5* healer minions and dispel probably more useful than c Panther (she’s amazing but you can get much of her skills with Sergei)

@Lloyd6770 I love posting these threads, everyone is always so helpful. The members here haven’t steered me wrong yet. I chose C panther. She would be a beautiful addition to your purple team. Did about 300 pulls today, got BK and a few legendaries I really wanted, but did not get panther. There’s always tomorrow I suppose lol. I’m happy you got her, hands down the best choice for tabbards imho, Cheers!

My point is that he has too many to not know who to choose from. Looking at the heroes he has, why would he post a poll for which purple to ascend AFTER pulling g. Panther’s costume??? Where was he leaning before that because his options only changed very recently? It would be a different story if this was done when pulling these heroes at the same time, but he’s obviously been sitting on a few of them for a few weeks at least, so this “dilemma” isn’t new to him. Posting things like this seems performative, especially when the OP has a developed roster. It screams look at me and what I have and it’s kinda childish.

Also, most of those purple heroes are top tier for their color.

Grimble is the best (only) minion remover in purple.
Kunchen is a great healer with two great supporting specials.
Xnolphod is Xnolphod
Alfrike is Alfrike
Hel is the only 5* mana stopper
Clarissa is the purple GM with a great element link
C. Sartana has a great finishing strike.

Most of the purple heroes he has were or still are at the top of their game. Why does he need help deciding? Or does he?

Bro, this is a forum for discussion and advice. He wants opinions. It’s pretty obvious that Panther is the way to go, but chill. I doubt he’s “flexing”. LOL

If it’s that obvious, why post anything? This is my point. Many novice players actually need help. He isn’t one of them. He knows what he wants before he asked and that is obvious.

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