Purple and Yellow titans

Since I have Wu and my depth in both colors is a bit thin, it’s a bit complicated for how I double up purple and yellow titans. I could use some advice for my team composition and what I should be leveling for the most powerful lineups for those titans as my damage output vs these two are definitely my worst. First, my elemental colors:

Red – maxed BT is primary. I have Scarlett maxed, I’m working on Natalya (2 blades short) and Falcon will be next
Blue – maxed Grimm is primary. I have Kiril maxed and I’m working Alasie (still 1 telescope short)
Green – maxed Zeline is primary. I have Caedmon maxed and I’m working on Hansel. I do have Melendor on the bench at 2-25.

Now for purple and yellow:

Purple – maxed Rigard is primary and I have maxed Sabina. Working on Tiburtus (4-58). Bench at 1-1 – Aeron, Boss Wolf, Merlin, Cyprian
Yellow – maxed Wu. Working on Delilah (4-55). Bench at 1-1 – Justice, Vivica, Leonidas, Gretel, Chao, Li Xiu, Hu Tao

I’ve gotten advice in the past that Chao is the next yellow that I should work on. However, I don’t know how to sub out purple right now since that’s my primary healer. A Wu-Chao combo would leave me short of healing ability (BT would be my only healer in this case). I’ve been removing Rigard and using Delilah but I hear not to use her special as the minion hits take time, so that negates her healing.

For yellow titans, I’ve been subbing out Grimm for Tiburtus so I have double purple, I don’t remove Wu and I still have a defense debuffer.



So first things first. Never take Wu Kong out of your lineup; even against yellow titans.

Next, the best way to maximize Wu Kong’s special is to have heroes with a high attack power. Also, since wu increases the chance to miss, it will be harder to stun so having healers is important. Attack specials are less important with Wu Kong. For example, Grimm is better than Sonya. Since Grimm’s AP is higher, you make up for the lower special attack with the increase in damage from the board.

After a quick glance of your heroes, you might try this lineup:

Yellow titan-
Wu Kong, Sabina (high AP & heals), Boldtusk (+AP special & heals), Tiburtus, Grimm (high AP + deshield)

Purple titan-
Wu Kong, Boldtusk (+AP special & heals), Grimm (high AP + deshield), Vivica (high AP + heals), Melendor (high AP & heals)

I can’t see the maxed stats of some of those special heroes so adjustments could be made.

Another thing to factor in is the strength of the titan. Higher * titans start to hit really hard so it could be beneficial to sacrifice AP for higher HP for survival. Remember that if the hero of a color dies, wu kongs special no longer affects that color so it’s important to keep all your heroes alive.

I could go on but I’m at work lol.

Biggest thing to remember is that with wu kong, the focus is on damage from the board not from special attacks.


Another thing to note, when wu kong is active, a board hit in a normal spot on the titan from a strong color will still do more damage than a regular color hit on the weak spot.

So it’s ok to double up Grimm and Tibs even though they both are a defensive debuff?

You don’t really have any better options so yes. Kiril’s AP is lower than Grimm’s and his +AP doesn’t stack with Boldtusks. Suppose you could take Scarlett and Kiril. But Scarlett’s - enemy attack isn’t as good as Grimm’s deshield. IMO

I don’t know anything about Natalya off the top of my head.

I see you have Merlin, imo he’s the best 4* purple in the game. I always use him on yellow Titans, he’s amazing! Fire him at the right time and the Titan doesn’t fire he attacks himself, saves me on items. He’s squishy against 9/ 10* Titans though. So bring healing potion.

From your heros, Chao would be your best Yellow for Titan besides Wu. He’s a fast hitter and his special drains some of the Titans mana.

Green, I would make Hansel a priority he’s an amazing hero a top tier hero. Arguably the best 4* green

I think for Delilah, you can still use her against purple titans for now. She has pretty good tankienss and her tile damage is decent. What I usually do is save her heals for when your heroes are about to die, or right before the titan is about to fire their special as a minion and heal shield, or at the end of the battle for some cheeky minion damage.