Purge Dead Alliances

Probably already a topic on this idea, so let’s make it a feature.

If an alliance Leader has been inactive for a set period of time, remove all members and clear the alliance name so someone else can use it.

You could set it at 365 days. That should allow existing members, that for whatever reason ar hanging around, to find a new home in an active alliance. Though, ideally, it would be less time than a full year.

There are too many inactive alliances clogging up the airways. Otherwise we just have alliances like “Monsters” taking up space because someone started Monsters 906 days ago and walked away.

By decluttering the alliance, it will keep a more active game base.

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There are some reasons to keep alliances where the leader is inactive. We actually have a ‘retirement’ alliance where the accounts are mainly inactive but the players may come back in the future ‘RL issues, etc’. I keep a low-level alt there and check in about once a week just to keep the alliance ‘active’.

Deleting that alliance would push our old-timers into the ether. I guess that’s not horrible, but they wouldn’t be able to contact us if/when they return as our alliance is normally full.

While not an excellent reason to purge alliances, it is one thought.

I’m going to close simply because it’s a duplicate as @Guvnor pointed out.

Side note. I played a game that transferred leadership after 3 days of inactivity. Worked well. Established alliances transferred leadership as it made sense. Dead leaders were able to be removed. I liked it.

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