Purely donation of heroes to alliance members

If you would like to donate to an alliance member.
Both should pay with say 20 gems
Accept or decline
Must be part of the Alliance for at least 3 weeks
If you waNt to leave the alliance, you forfeight the heroes that was donated to you and you loose any gems you would have spent on the donation. Alliance bound…
Purpose to drive teamwork…

I like this idea. In an alliance with new and senior members, one is happy with any four- or five-star heroes and the other is very selective about to whom they devote materials. It’s likely been suggested before, but merits a second look?

Here is an earlier post with a similar idea:


Thank you and agree.

For instance, I would like to donate to my son. Or family or friends in my alliance…

This is to build the Alliance…

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This kind of feature, in my opinion, and thinking in SG business, are not viable for SG monetary profit.
They want to make things hard to get because if they werent so hard to get buying offers wouldnt so reliable to the company as they are now .

What is more if you see the direction the game is taking (ie taver leagends odds) you can see that It cwont change in the mean time .

Anyways id like , and support the idea of a donation system . It could be only for epics and not for the hero itself if not for fragments until you reach x quantity of them . Why not for the hero itself? I think that if you can donate a complete hero It would be so broken feature .
However if you donate fragments it takes much more time to gather all the fragments and you have to find people who have lots of copies of the hero to donate It.

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Thank you and noted


There’s an existing thread for a similar idea here: Donating/Gifting Heroes to Another Alliance Member

That’s since been redirected to the master trading thread @RicElDrac linked above, so please continue discussion and voting there: [Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!


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