Purchases and hero cap

Someone in our alliance drastically increased his hero cap before buying a package of trainer heroes out of fear of losing part of his purchase. Now others are asking if it was necessary… so, will the temporary increase in cap work for this the same as with summons? I can assume yes. But, my team depends on me to find facts

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Heroes cap doesn’t apply for summons and purchases. It will only apply when you are collecting from the training camps.


Purchases and summons allow you to exceed the cap.


A fun trivia: if you collect a Trainer Hero from Wanted Chest, he can go over the cap as well.


Hero cap only apply for collection from TC (Training Camp), and Farming rewards on the (regular maps / event per-stage rewards / quests).

Edit: For Event only per-stage reward, not the end-event rewards.

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So in theory it’s possible to be #1 in legendary challenge event but don’t get guaranteed 5" because of hero cap? :sweat_smile:

No it isn’t. You just don’t get heroes from the levels.

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I even accidentally had a full roster when i did last level of A class trial. Still received the trainer hero.


they will simply over fill roster


@grzechol, Lol… okay I edited… only per stage rewards, not end-event rewards.

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What I really want to know is how TF did the hero fit in the chest :rofl:


The same way as 60k of ham an iron and 2x catapult bombs. Maybe it is not a chest, but shipping container.


It was from the Holy (■■■■) chest.

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Thats the answer it was a holy chest meaning because of the holes everything was hanging out and not crammed in

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This is wholly correct.

This whole conversation has gone off topic

Because the OP question has been answered in post #2


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