Purchased hereo capacity slot increases


It appears that If say I purchased a bunch to get me to 130 slots… that when I level up I do not get any new slots.
Purchased slots should remain as an addition to what your level already gets you… Please look into this.

The reason I think this is the case is because I leveled to 52 as did another member of our alliance and he said he got a new slot but I didn’t. I also don’t remember the last time I got a slot increase.


You don’t get additional slots on every levelup. Purchasing additional slots doesn’t affect what you are given based on your level.



Ok I am confused. Your post seems to confirm my point. I made level 52 and didn’t get an extra slot like the guide you posted says I should.


I’m not claiming I should get a new slot for every level I make. I made level 52 which according to the guides says you should get an extra slot. What I am saying is that for levels where I should get a slot, that I should get a slot regardless of how many I already purchased.


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