Purchased but not received

I bought the sharpened steel package and I have not received either the heroes or the invocation stones

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Perhaps one of these will help: :slight_smile:

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I usually want this one



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I have had the same problem and contacted customer support to be told it’s not an issue in the game

[redacted by moderator] account did not receive purchase on 12/22/19. Hopefully comes before next 24 hours as stated within this web page!

Please do not post your account, as it can be used to hack your account. Thank you.

Please see the following FAQ:

If you are still having problems afterwards, you can contact game support here (see below), but I’d follow the instructions in the FAQ first.


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Just did purchase in Costume event, they charged me but didn’t get purchase I payed.

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Received purchase after 10 minutes. Tnx


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