Purchased 10 pull and game crashed and I lost my gems and got no heros

I purchased gems to do 10 pull and the game crashed and I got nothing and my gems were not returned . what now??

Have you checked your recent activity? You should see them there.
If not, contact support.


Contact support with proof of purchase, they should be able to check your account and help, if that’s the case.


I agree

Especially with the strong possibility of 10x 3* heroes or duplicate Classic 3* / 4* / 5* heroes

To bad we cannot sort heroes by most recent


The percentage is small, you need to reduce the poet to 3* and increase the percentage to 5*

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Now, that’s the best idea I’ve read here in 4 years… wonder how is it possible SG never thought about it…

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It’s all about money, the 3* hero Classical is 63 % на 4* Hero is 20% on 5* is 5,6,7% not normal

As stated check yah recent activity… If not contact support…

Give as much information as possible like time of the 10 pull will be helpful.


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