Purchase Valor path and lost hams

I just purchased the Valor path. I then went to my barracks to upgrade my dark troops. After I’d selected the troops I wanted to use to upgrade, my hams disappeared. When I checked back on the main page I had lost around 800k hams and a lot of iron ( hadn’t taken notice of my iron stock but it was stocked well in excess of 1mil and reduced to 600k)

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Consumed it for troop levels?

Sounds like you put on some emblems?

Check your activity log, maybe you find something.

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Nope, troop levels didn’t increase and the hams weren’t available once the troops were selected

Nope. Did nothing prior to looking at troops

Did you check your inventory as the ham and Iron collected from the PoV is stored there and doesn’t go to your storage directly.
See image below

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