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Hello there my name is Alex and I wanted to report an issue with the game. I was recently trying to purchase this 200 jewels for the $1 deal and after the first 1 it wouldn’t let me purchase any other ones but according to my account there was 2 more purchases and I did not receive the jewels for them. Please fix.

So how many did you purchase overall? I think a total of 5 is allowed. In the game, you can go to Options > Support > Recent Activity and check whether you received what you paid for. If not just contact support with proper evidence like screenshots and google play transaction receipts.

The game shows that I only purchased 1 and it gave me only 200 jewels. I tried to purchase the other 4 the the game said your also have this item and wouldn’t let me but when I looked at my account there was 2 more charges that I didn’t get the jewels for.

Here’s what SG recommends:

If that doesn’t work and you need help opening a support ticket, just @ me and I’ll walk you through it.

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