Purchase Iranian flag pin as gift for a member of my alliance

A member of my alliance is from Iran. I don’t think he is able to spend money on the game. Is there any way I can “gift” the pin to him? I don’t have a problem paying. I just want it to end up attached to his account.

There’s no way to do it in-game. You would have to electronically send him money, or some Google Play Card. Then he would have to use it to buy gems and then buy the pin himself. :slight_smile:


I don’t think that is possible from the USA to Iran. :stuck_out_tongue: I was hoping that SG would be willing to credit his account with the gems somehow. He says he is 23 gems short to buy it himself.

Lol that wont happen. Only way to do it would be to send him money or a itunes/google play redemption code.

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Or he can wait to earn the 23 gems. That’s not that much.

EDIT: I know it seems like forever! I’m dying here, waiting for my own gems to flip over! :wink:

Pin / Avatar usually last 24hrs per round then switch if you missed, next wait is like forever especially national flag.

Google Play Card has it limited and not likely to work in different region, be cautious with that.

Unfortunately, he may have to wait little bit more longer, till next available.

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