Purchase History (how much are you willing to spend)

After several attempts to get SG to fix the “SHOP LOADING” issue in my game and them insisting that it’s a “credit card” issue (which it is not and I’m STILL having problems clicking on the gem tab"…

I decided to view my purchase history in Google and got even more agitated once I added up last month purchases alone. So my question is…what’s the most you’ve spent in one month on this game?

On one month… around $20, when Atlantis first released. (EDIT: went back, exact number is $16.42)

Total I’ve spent is $50 in the course of a year… that’s also including gifted google credit that I get as a gift or from answering surveys. That’s where most of my spending money comes from for this game actually.

EDIT: I went back through my history, and it ended up being $62.25 total spent over the course of me playing for a year, including again the credit I got for answering surveys and from gifts. So the real amount of money I’ve spent is probably closer to about half of that ($30 or so).

You my friend are awesome. I only wish that was my total for a year. I refuse to count it up because I’m pretty sure it would add up to a used car purchase

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