Purchase help

How do i purchase from Bangladesh without debit or credit card.

Do you have PayPal ? You can transfer money from your bank account to your PayPal account.

It’s that or Apple/Google gift cards. Those are now electronic and allows credit to be stored in device wallet.

Other way is to earn those gift cards from apple or Google. Completing surveys etc etc.


You can earn cards from Apple? Never knew that

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I went to Google a bit just now. Check out Apple Pay.

There was some info on how to earn free gift cards. Didn’t go in deep. You can try surfing for info on potential avenues.

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It should come up in your points .

As for OP i use phone credit as im on pay as you go, i can swap my selected tariff over to just to credit and then buy credit . Then buy deals on the game … (also get 10% back on my top ups so i get a little bonus too)