Purchase frozen

I bought some gems on the challenge offers and the screen is frozen. I’m not sure if the purchase has gone through.

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Hopefully it didn’t and you get your money back, wish mine would have frozen LOL

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Usually it doesn’t process until you’ve confirmed it via whatever payment method you’re using (PayPal, credit, G-Play cards etc…)

From the looks of things tho you’ve bought all 5 of them (hence the 0 available) and is greyed out cause there are ko more…

If you exit the game and reopen it, any uncollected goods will either a) appear for collection or b) be on your inventory

In either case, when you reopen the game check your recent history:
Menu -> support -> recent activity

Close the app and reopen it.

Had it several times and lastly it was either not booked and I attempted again or if booked, I was able to claim the purchase.

My bad. I saw the title and thought you were recommending us to buy this…


I would also check with your financial institution and make sure you weren’t charged.

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