Purchase Failed



I purchased the Gem offer, it was processed through pay pal but didn’t receive the gem and it shows that purchase is in process.



I just received the purchased gem. Thank you very much for the quick fix.


The Error is still there. I can not purchase the challenge offer


Same here I keep getting card declined. Also the purchase window looks different then it used to.


I am also having problem with this 200 gems offer. I’ve paid once but no gems, next time i tried it says that it is denied.


I also have an error with purchasing gems this morning. The money is deducted from my bank, but the connection broke when it went back to E&P. When I connect again to the game the gems were not added and I still have the option to buy them again. Can you please help me and solve this? Thanks in advance.


Just a thought. Do you update on version 15 that has been rolled out?
Worth a try. :wink:


Yes. I had done the update before I baught the gems… but still payment was done and connection with game broke, so no gems and no money. Can this be fixed please?


Hi… I have purchase the offer of 200 gemms but I haven’t this gemms in game and the payment is ok… So you give me the money back or you give me the gemms… Thank you


Hi 20 minutes ago a pay for epic offer 90 tickets and 300 diamonds but I didnt get it. Can you fix it please.


Hi, i’ve the same unexpected error when i purchase something! Can you fix this please?


Everybody please send a suppirt ticket ingame under settings. No one can help you here get your gems back


Purchased the 90 loot ticket
Package yesterday for my account and didn’t receive all 90 tickets. Anything I can do?


I just purchased the Tyrum avatar.
500 coins
Showed the claim ticket. Still haven’t received it
9/25/2018 a 645pm CST


Hi. I Just paid 54.99 for pack of gems and still dont have it :o


I’m new
Could you explain how to do this… support ticket under setting… These boards are confusing.


Not on this board ingame


Hi i purchased 850 gems but i didn’t retrieve any


Pls report ingame under options on the left down corner. And then support ticket.