Purchase deducted gems but no items received


I purchased the brawler pack for 300 gems. I watched my gems get deducted, but no items were received.


Read Carefully u dont get all the items on the box, u get only 2 of random. I never wasthe gems on this.


If you didn’t get any items at all, then that sounds like a bug, and you should open a support ticket to resolve the issue. You can do this by going to Options, tap on the Support tab, then tap the Support button.

If you got only 2 or 3 items but were expecting 2 each of the listed items, you’re unfortunately not the first to experience this issue. The deal is for at least 2 rolls for random items in the list, not 2 of every item in the list. The wording is vague, and there’s a thread that hopes to get that wording changed.


Thanks for the link :slight_smile: I’ll add this thread to my list when I get a chance



I received no items, no box with a claim button, and I only expected 2 items at minimum.


Ahhh hah. Well, that’s even better :stuck_out_tongue: sorry man. You’ll need to contact support. They won’t address an isssue like that in the forums.

Support will walk you through steps you’ll need to take for them to investigate.

Good luck

Edit: start here


Support ticket submitted. Thank you!


I had the same problem. I thought I noticed before when I purchased a pack with gems and it showed me what items I was to receive but they were not in my inventory. It recently happened again and I contacted customer support and was basically told it did not happen because they don’t have a bug in their game that would do this. Guess I am going to take before and after pics if I ever purchase one of their packs again.