Purchaees when not online?


I was texting in WhatsApp yesterday and an alert came up on the phone telling me a purchase had just gone through for e and p.

Obviously, I wasn’t playing at the time.

I didn’t make the purchase. Have emailed S G but thought I’d ask if anyone else had a ghost in their phone?

Wondering if I should deactivate touch payments on the phone. Maybe a glitch?



Do you have another device with E&P installed?


I typically get my purchase notification much later than the purchase was made. I don’t know about other companies, but the Apple App Store doesn’t send out a notification immediately. They send them out at predetermined times (weekly?? every 2 weeks?? Not sure.) and bundle several purchases together. This may be what you experienced.


Only installed on my iPad.
My paypal purchases send an alert to my phone when a payment made into or from my account.

Bit of a mystery. If I was actually playing at the time I could understand it as sometimes things pop up whilst you’re about to do something.

Thanks for the suggestions.


I purchased 9.99 of gems and was never rewared my gems on the 14 jan 2019 at about 1115

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