Puppet masters, skill or family?

With introduction of talents we got the ability to boost those 2* and 3* heroes and maxed, they become comparable to low level 3* or 4*. Besides tournaments, there still no viable option to use heros and some are cool. So had an idea I’d like to share.

Puppet master(s) -name open suggestions
The idea is that a hero if higher ranking has the ability to increase lower rank hero attack, defense and health. Special skill and speed stays the same.

So maybe for instance:
“50% increase x1(+1 per rank gap)”
So a 3* at 450/500/600 would be 700/750/900 and 2* at 300/400/500 would be 600/800/1000.
Note: made up numbers for easy math.

Now, if a skill, it would also have be auto since family bonus is automatic anyway. I also mentioned talents earlier. Once all heros are maxes, the gap between ranks will grow again. Also, if family, not all heros would have this skill. Like 5* wouldnt Have the skill unless it didnt overpower 4* heros.

That’s the gist. Suggestions?