Punk Princess Vs Zoccstar

So I am just about finished off Zocc

As always when I reach this point I start thinking of my emblem situation. The easiest way to give emblems over would be to take them from Domitia who was my first maxed purple and who features on my second purple stack and sees regular use.

Unfortunately rogue is somewhere I’m light on emblems and still have Griffin not finished, Wren in need as well as Zila-Lei plus others who may soon see last ascension and a second Jackal who is waiting his turn to be levelled.

Poll below for ease of use, but if anyone wants to add further insight…

  • Domitia
  • Zocc

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All day it should be Zocc

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Zocc is a good addition to any roster for all areas of the game.

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If you do not have Limit Broken Hansel, maybe. But for me Hansel = Zocc now (after HA8 and limit breaking introduced). And Hansel is a HA hero and much easier to have multiple copies.


3 turn mindless attack can be hit and miss without the 50% increase in mana from Zocc. It’s also what makes him dangerous to use. Hansel is a safer alternative.

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Domitia can be replaced both as a sniper and a dispel. Usually at a faster speed as well. Mana control is less common. Even then, most mana control is at the 4* level. The added durability of an emblemed 5* to do it is a plus.

Good luck either way.


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But if you don’t have anything purple for defense and you need something then I would keep Domitia emblemed.


Why would you keep only one emblemed? Emblems arrive all the time. Keep your strong Domitia, and build a strong Zocc.

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Zocc is more useful IMO. All depends on if Dom is a mainstay in your defense. Zocc isn’t very usable in defense. So there’s your roundabout answer.



Ok landslide for the goblin. Thanks everyone.

Not a concern for defence as I use my lb/ emblem Seshat there.

@scbrain unfortunately this isn’t an emblem type the game RNG likes to give me. Overflowing in monk/barbarian but always robbing Peter to pay Paul for rogue and fighter…

I really like Domitia if you can support her with a lvl 23 mana troop (mostly for the dispel), but Zocc is the right choice here.

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