Punishment for other alliances recruit spamming

I think there should be an option to have a reporting option to SGG to punish people that drop into our alliance…give this lovely “we don’t mean to offend” you lip service and then proceed to tell us how our inactive alliance (15-18 members) can do “so much better” in their alliance and then leave with the “god bless you all” mess.

They come in, leave that, and then leave.

I have no problem with members who want to come and go from our alliance… I DO have a problem with them spamming my alliance because they can’t recruit any other way but alliance crapping.

There is no way to delete it from the chat but wait for it to roll out over time.

Why can’t these people be dealt with extreme gaming prejudice? I think like draining their gems to 0 and wiping out their play flags for like…I don’t know…a week…or maybe just destroying their accounts permanently.

As the leader of my alliance, I don’t go into any other alliance to pull this mess with them nor do I expect any member of my alliance to do the same…If I find out they have or are doing it…will be kicked and not accepted back in.

I hope you are reading this alliance spammers…I’m looking to have you punished for your rudeness and using God as your means to justify your unacceptable behavior.


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