Punished for Leaving and Returning during Alliance War-SOLVED

I don’t know if this is intentional or not, but someone suggested in Global Chat that I report it.

I am YARR in The Savage Young [TSY]. TSY is a training alliance for Savage Sloths.
Unfortunately, our Leader has been gone for a week, so I decided to head over to Savage Sloths and ask if anyone has a way to contact her and ask her to come back.

I did this after earning 521 Points in our Alliance War!!
Currently, our Alliance still has the correct total number of points, but my name is no-where to be seen. In the screenshots below, TSY has 1,819 points, but the combined total of the TSY Players in the “Top Attackers” list is only 1,298 – 521 points shy of the Team’s total score.
And now I’m a spectator. :frowning:

This is the best I’ve EVER done in an AW, and now it looks like I’m not even going to get credit due to a glitch/mechanic/something that I was not aware of. And I’m not expecting to receive the loot I deserve either.

Can someone please comment on this and help me understand what just happened?
Or if it is a glitch, can someone please fix it?

Thank you,


Per the FAQ Change Log:


See the second bullet item:

This has been in place since March. This was also published to the Forum (updated on March 16):

1.10.3/1.10.4 Update & Alliance Wars Status (16 Mar)

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