Punished for applying for Beta!?- Summons sabotaged

I haven’t had a single useful hero from summons since I applied for Beta. Why! Why have I don’t well over 150 Atlantis pulls since my last 5*?

Yes that’s a bug. It’s written in the code that if you apply for beta, your account gets “doomswitched” which is to say you might as well change your IP address and create a new account. Your current account will never pull a good hero again, and you’ll lose every raid. Because you applied for beta. Make sense?


Appreciate the smart ■■■ response.

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@SWEG I see your Normal Forum Voice got switched to Sarcasm Setting. Here, let me adjust that for you. :grin:

@Duncan6226 it’s just RNG, alas.


Fair enough. Guess it’s time for FTP

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I have actually had the exact opposite. I got 5(!) 5 star heros this last month. In 2 years of game play, I have never gotten more than about 1 every 2 months.

Lol, @SWEG always crack me up. I also have a conspiracy theorist in my allaince who is convinced there is an algorithm. Hasnt cracked it yet though lolol


What caused you to think the two things might be correlated?

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There is probably a 0.9% chance you will pull a 5* nerf on summons portals when you apply for beta.

Also a 100% chance that you will somehow be blamed for everything wrong with the game.


Well maybe, but it could be a toggle because I have applied for beta twice now, and still get HOTM and other 5 stars. So maybe he just has to apply again.


I wouldn’t risk it. What if the next time he applies for beta, he just loses his account? :thinking:


Are you sure this post didn’t escape from the rct? That has to be what happened… :thinking:


This thread is exactly the kind of feedback SG looks for when looking for beta testers. Maybe reapply but with a screenshot of the original post so they know what you can bring to the table.

SG: “what do you think of this new hero?”
OP beta tester: “I think you should make it so it doesn’t get worse tiles when I’m also logged into Microsoft Office.”


Is that the business version of Discourse?

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You have to get a subscription to Discourse365 :rofl:


But then you get nothing but spam threads about millions in Nigeria.


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