Punching above your weight ( Team Power )


It is actually because you are a skillfull player. You are much smarter and better at the game than the autoplay is. Take a few minutes and run the autoplay on a couple of world levels, cheap ones, and look at all the places your decisions would be different. The autoplay fires a special as soon as it is ready, and if more than one is ready it fires from left to right. You can plan your defense team with that in mind, and it will help. Also include a couple of strong attackers, preferably that hit multi players, on your defense team, as the faster you finish the more likely you are too win on defense.


Planning take place at the selection of an opponent: their strength and weakness (not how many trophies they have) , then decide if your team can beat them. Common sense.


You were talking about trohy loss when the game autoplays against an opponent. That is the defense team, and the one I am talking about.


Here are two videos where I win against a much stronger opponent :laughing:


A I. Can’t compete against human brain.


Nice, I think your in a similar situation to the rest of us, hard to retain the winning trophies. AI / auto play is not as good as a human brain. Maybe SG can find a way for live arena.


Consider the following battle:

The opponent’s team was far weaker than mine, and I won easily. Why?

  • Their tank was Guardian Jackal, which is among the least defensive heroes in the game. It was trivial to break through and ghost to victory. If Colen or Jabbar had been the tank, it would have been a much trickier fight.
  • There were no other yellow heroes to take advantage of Jackal’s yellow def down debuff, so his inclusion in the team was less effective.
  • The healer was in the corner, making him unable to charge in time to counter my attacks.

This was all summarized by the opponent’s trophy count. Their count was about 170 lower than mine, indicating that they were a weaker foe, so it makes sense that I won less trophies from this battle despite them having a higher team power value.

If their defense team order had been different to address the weaknesses above, their team would be more effective and able to hold trophies better (including against me), and their trophy count would have been higher. I’d expect such a team to be worth more trophies, and it would be. Team power wouldn’t reflect such an increase in effectiveness, though; their team power value would be exactly the same in both cases.


yes, it’s truly hard to retain 2200+ cups because I focus on strong hitters so that my defense team is a bit lacking :sweat_smile: especially in diamond…in that case it’s normal to lose 200 cups+ in just 5mins xD

but I think it’s a pity that the raids etc. are more dependent on luck and less on strategy.