Pulls or fast Lane pack Deal?

Hello. I have got 1200 gems and want to use it in a good deal. There is in my shop the Fast Lane Deal:

  • 90 autowin tickets!!
  • 2x 3* training heroes
  • 5x map flask

I was REALLY thinking i could use all that for improving. But is it worth it?

I really dont want to trash my precious gems on the pulls. Will end up with another 3* that are useless. I have got some heroes to upgrade too (mokarr, wukong, kadilen, liuxiu, chao…)

So… what do u think? Thank u

There’s nothing provided by the Fast Lane pack that just waiting a little won’t provide. The flasks let you farm faster, the loot tickets let you farm faster, and the 3* trainers level 2 heroes a little faster and save a bit of ham.

The summons gate can provide heroes that there is no other way to get–although you’re right, that 1200 gems doesn’t buy much in the way of chances.

The Fast Lane pack is basically for Whales to power-level heroes at the cost of some cash. If you’re already spending thousands, what’s $12 more? So unless that’s you, I’d pass on it.


It’s also appealing if you typically don’t have much time to play. I use 6-12 loot tickets a day to spend world energy that I otherwise wouldn’t have time to. I only manually farm hard quests (mostly autoplay). VIP + fast lane pack prevents the game from affecting my real life.

That said, I agree for OP… Spend on summons if you don’t have all the heroes you want already - just be prepared to be disappointed.


1200 Gems

I would save them for a 3* ascension item deal like “Frozen Treasure” - Warm Cape, Compass, 3* blue trainer for 500g

You need 3* ascension items for 4*+19 heroes since 4* 3.60 heroes can not use emblems.

My first 4*+1 of each class is a classic hero from Legendary training except Wizard Proteus ( see Notes ).

4* Heroes are the backbone on Empires.

Gem Summons

I am still trying for 2 more Hansel, Gretel, 1 more Jackal, Falcon, 2 Cheshire Cat and one Captain of the Diamond, so Guardians, Grimforest, and Wonderland summons are on my adgenda ( all together now - 4* are the backbone of Empires).

Loot Tickets

Personally I get my loot tickets from VIP Pass and “It’s raining loot tickets” deal - gems plus loot tickets.

Fast Lane is too expensive for me. Energy flask you can buy with the gems from “It’s raining loot tickets” and Legendary Training ( RT20 ) gives me enough 3* heroes to level my 4*/ 5* heroes, so I do not need trainers.


(Classic 4* heroes and emblems or Gryphonknight's emblem spending plan EXPOSED)


I am not sure how long you’ve been playing, but before long you’ll be drowning in 3* ascension items. I know I am, and I have never bought them, I think that is a big waste of gems to be honest.
If you could buy a 4* ascension item for 500 gems, now that would be a whole different story…

And for the OP, I think you’d be better of buying vip for those 90 loot tickets (3 a day) and use gems on summons and skipping chests


Loot tickets and hero- and/or summontokencontaining warpacks and/or gems combined with ascension mats are the best one can buy.

You know what you get and it helps to develop.

Just today I spent about 1000 gems for world energy to reach the next level.

As long as your buildings are beneath 20, vip is a good investment, too.

Summoning is only nice, if one has enough bucks to gamble with.

Vip is always a good investment, if you have your base maxed it still is. The gems alone are a good deal. And the loot tickets, xtra summons and emblem just are icing.

Spending gems on world energy, now that I don’t get. I do have 75 world energy flasks saved up, so never will need to buy refills, lol


Interesting. I’ve always thought of $12 for that pack as a rich man’s deal. But I can understand the appeal if you’re not online very often.

I used to think so too, but $12 to be 20 mins earlier to work for a month ends up being worth it for me. Especially since I don’t get enjoyment from playing the same levels over and over.


Thanks everyone for the replies… still dont know what do to lol. I am a free to play player, yes. Only bought some VIP when there was some sales, like xmas. I am cool on 3* ascension items specially capes and except gloves… i am on my way to upgrade my current heroes, ans TC20 running everyday for more heroes and I am unlucky at pulls. The best things i have got was Capt jackal and mokarr. Was lucky enough to receive khiona and drake fong too… so i am not thinking like “OMG I NEED NEW HEROES”. My building are all almost 20.

I have 3 epic token saved, almost 300 atlantis and those 1200 coins. I was thinking in saving it all for march and try all I could for the Hero of the month… Also try using it all on guinevere’s and king arthurs portal (two heroes that i would not mind to get)… oh god… idk xD

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In my opinion if you have to ask which direction to go then you don’t need those tickets and flasks badly enough. Just save your gems for now until something you REALLY want cones out. You’ll be really glad you saved your gems then (this deal comes into the store periodically anyway).

Is there some particular pressure you’re feeling to spend those gems now? I’d just save them if I were you. There are lots of neat events coming up like Wonderland. If you save gems you can do a 10-pull in the future to get the best value.

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Cool. I am glad you have enough.

But I need 3* ascension items for four full class 4*+19 teams ( Barbarian through Wizard - ten per team for a total of forty heroes ) and so far my first full class team has 4x purple 4* heroes ( Cleric Rigard, Ranger Tiburtus, Sorcerer Sabina, Wizard Proteus) so that is 16 trap tools. Because of RNG A player might need to buy trap tools because 4*+1 only unlocks after 4* 4.80.

Rumor has it this was one of the points brought up in Beta.

I agree.

Besides, the Atlantis 3* and 4* families appear to be incomplete.

Depending on the heroes added, and you current roster, F2P might get the best value from Atlantis summons when stage 27 opens in roughly 90 days.

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That is my point, you think 16 is a lot of trap tools, I say you’ll be drowning in all the 3* ascension materials if you keep playing. And with drowning I mean 25 to 50 each of every item, after you maxed all readily available 4* there are. Aren’t you going to be sorry you spent 500 gems for 1 of them (or maybe 2000 gems for 4) when you reach that point?
Please do buy them if you think it makes sense, I am just giving my opinion on advice I don’t agree with.

The two biggest sources of ascension items (3* and 4*) besides store deals and rare quests anyhow … seem to be titan loot and elemental chests.

If you aren’t killing big titans (noteworthy threshold of 8-9* for half/all the alliance to get three mat rolls in tier IX titan loot), you aren’t getting many of those items.

As for elemental chests … if you use gems to skip when you can (net cost under 30/day from VIP), you will get more of those, averaging one per week or two instead of one per month.

Anyhow … I’m not badly limited by 3* ascension mats; in fact I’m only low on trap tools, mostly as I’m saving them to go with my tabards for 5* heroes. (And bad luck in them. I’ve got extra of all the other 3* mats)

4* heroes are critical … but there is point in the game where you use and need 5* more.


To that point—there comes a point when 3* mats are not the limiting feature. 12* titans drop lots.


Yup. I’m not there yet … but I’m getting there. I’m now in an alliance killing 12* titans, often dropping back to one or two 11* among them. But the loot for 11* titans isn’t that shabby either!

There are very few 4* heroes I really want that I don’t have. (Looking at you, Hansel & Gafar!) There are more that I have hoarded and haven’t leveled up yet. And some more that I have duplicates hoarded and might level up. I’m a bad hoarder, maybe a dozen total.

I’m starting to plan on taking most of my 5* heroes to 3/70 now. They may not be as strong as 4* heroes. But they are different, and some will fill gaps in my class roster for trials. Even if I’m not likely to ever fully ascend many of them. Some will get used instead of 4*s. Others will sooner or later get their final ascension.

Whatever … my roster has a lot of 4* heroes; more growth there won’t be a gamechanger for me any more.


Who is gafar??? The sand 3*? Btw… I will listen to u. Gonna save the gems for pulls when I see some hero i really want avaible.

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Ok all that came from titans??

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Titans, wanted chests, elemental chests, mystic visions, challenge events, war loot…it all adds up. Plus I have about 80m4* and 5* that have used up inventory, so these are the “extra” if you will.

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