Pulls odds are a rip off

i can understand if i tried to pull 100 times as i tried at least i would get 3 - 5 5* hero but not a single one is a rip off. im quitting this game as its clear scamming for money and ill file refund requests with screen shots of the missleading promises you give to your players.


I’m sure the linked posts will be linked shortly for your reading pleasure gacha etc. Etc

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The odds are published, so you pulled at your own risk. You cannot claim ignorance or being tricked, so it is not a rip off. I understand the frustration, but it’s too late to whine after doing the pulls.


true but it feels a bit good just getting it off my chest and a warning for others not to spend a dim on this game

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hmmm, should i mention the one hero token = 1 vivica? Nahhh, that is just salt in the wound.

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@Wolfwarrior Careful. They will come for you!

Yeah, i know puts jacket on to hide the bullseye

@Wolfwarrior does my latest 10 pull make Frida look fat? Screenshot_20190328-185029_Empires

i would say congrats on you being lucky thats all.

The odds are given and others have complained yet here you are.


Have had an amazing run lately, but makes up for my first 11 months of nothing. Everything comes around eventually, patience is a virtue.

well congrats man but for me im really done. not gonna waste any dime on this game as im done chasing a mirage . i might be at wrong bitching about it and i know i can blame no one but me for taking the gamble on pulling while i can get heros for free on tc20 - also with terrible rates - but it felt good getting it off my chest

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Nothing wrong with getting things off your chest, go the road of many and play free or cheap (like I do) and enjoy the game for the long haul it is designed to be. Hope you stick around and keep playing.

That’s like a used car salesman saying, he didn’t really rip you off, because you should have checked under the hood and chuckles while he counts your money.

If that’s what you think, then why are you playing?

The odds have been published after many have requested them. Now they are there, and people still complain. Maybe by now the problem is the people who make decisions themselves and regret them and prefer blaming someone else rather than themselves. How mature!

BTW, you might have noted that the OP has agreed with my point and that he only felt like venting.

We’ve all been there at some point. Entire month of December I pulled 3* after 3*. Only pulled Scarlett from Atlantis. January, without trying, pulled Onatel 5*. Since then I’ve managed Joon, Richard, Horghall and just today Sartana.

**I was shooting for Frida but it looks like I’ll miss out on her just like Kunchen.

I’ve been playing since September ‘18.

Our alliance leader has had worse luck and only has a single 5*. But she’s a force to be reckoned with as she fields a slew of 4* heroes.

Takes time and patience. This is not an instant gratification game unless you drop $$$$ into it.

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Just pulled Inari from 400 Atlantis coins.

Sure the odds are posted and you pull at your comfort with spending money on those odds- but how does one explain getting multiples of the same hero within a 10 or even 30 pull? At some point getting 6 Gil Ra and 4 Mnessus just isn’t random- especially when it has happened more than once. I get 99% of a pull is junk- but why is the same junk? That part doesn’t seem random at all


Instead of referring to the Gacha (that’s actually not what this is about), I’m going to refer to … the Gambler’s fallacy.

Yes, the odds are clear. And the odds apply independent of the previous result every time you do a summon. So it’s a dreadful low % every time.

You cannot count on receiving 3 5*'s after 100 summons. You can only count on the odds of each individual summon.

SSDS (Same ■■■■ Different Summon).

That’s why I only give the used car salesman peanuts & not hundres & hundreds of dollars for a digital cartoon on a 300mb phone app.

Odds of 1.5% 1.3% even as low as 0.3% c’mon really, 0.3%?

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