Pulls definitely needs to be completely overhauled

Well I’ve read about pulls. But what you think about this last 10 pull.
Pulled the 10 pull deal on elemental thinking there only 13 heroes in it. I figured I would pull a few good ones. Wasn’t too keen it was just blue but hey a few 5* maybe?

Well real gacha €%{>]<]^ pull got me 10 level 3 rubbish.

Imagine 5 Kurils. Already have one ranked up.
But why have one Karil when you can have 5.

10 x 3* RUBBISH
Come on!!!
This is just not right!!!
I feel as a level 26 completely 100 % ripped off!

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Why would you think there are only 13 heroes in it… it clearly states that these are just examples.

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Why do you think your player level entitles you to something better than others? :thinking:


I have a suggestion for summons. When you INVEST in a large 10x summon, could you give the option to redraw? Maybe just once. A full redraw so long as no hero from that original summon was modified or used. That way when you do do a 10x summon you don’t feel like you were just taking advantage of because you got 10 3* heroes. Just happened to me and cannot be more frustrated about it. This might lessen the number of complaints about the unfairness of summons.

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Well when you scroll through I counted 13 in that one the other ones have 70 each which is why it’s so difficult to get a 5*
And the 10 I got were in the 13 available ones.

IT SHOULD BE THAT you CAN NEVER GET 2 OF THE SAME IN A 10 PULL. Otherwise this whole thing is really a bunch of garbage which is where it’s at right now.

I’ve seen a few other games not correct issues of this nature and whereby they were making good money sucking people in to purchase and not desirable results these same games are either no longer or nearly dead.

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Good question Witch. Someone said you won’t get anything till your passed lev 20

Then someone was either pulling your leg or didn’t know what the heck they were talking about…


Nothing will lessen those complaints.

From before I began there were complaints. Now they even tell you the odds. Everyone knows going in it is risky. You are playing a game with a hige risk factor…which the game and forum have told you is risky. And yet you and a whole lot of others complain.

That is my complaint.

Neither of us is going to get satisfaction


With each summon you roll a dice separately for every draw… and you have a chance to summon either 3* (71%) 4* (26.5%) or 5* (2.5%)… with these chances it is only natural you get all 3* sometimes

I understand about the draws and how hard it is but to get 4 or 5 of the same thing in a 10 pull where they only have 13 different chance is just not right!!!

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To get all 3s is one thing but to get 5 of one then 3 of another and 2 of another… tell me do you think that is right or fair?

All it’s done is stop me from spending any more money so in a way I’m thankful.

The days are counted for games of this nature where seemingly it’s all about greed and not fair.

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But that’s exactly why you can’t get 10 unique heroes ina 10-pull: you’d be guaranteed at least two 5* (in blue). That is hugely unbalanced, vastly changing the value of a 10x.

… or, as a third option, someone was talking about training camp level 20, and the OP misunderstood. :wink:

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It is same debate every time when random number generator is involved…many entitled people think they deserve better because reasons…


Loot box games, while annoying, are still mostly successful. Random chance is random chance. It’s not that you pulled a Baseball pack with all the same cards, you got 10 packs and ended up with a bunch of duplicates. Pull overhaul would be awesome, but it’s unlikely unless there is major change with US or international law.

I think a big misconception is that when you pull 10 heroes that’s 10 different heroes, but isn’t how it works, you have just paid for 10 individual pulls but at a cheaper rate, so every time you pull, you reset the board for the next pull. It’s like picking a card from 52, putting it back and reshuffling. You have the same chance every time of pulling that card again.

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It’s gambling. It’s silly to be upset about gambling and not winning.

It’s not gambling really. You go to the bookies and there is no promise. You’ll leave with anything. You put 10 pound down you could walk away with zero. At least here, you make a purchase for gems, spend those gems on a 10 pull. You are garunteed to get ten heroes in return.

if i was drawing from a deck of cards id get at least 1or2 face cards in a random 10card draw. &i certainly wudnt get two stinkin 3of hearts. say what u will but these summons are simply not random. period. there must b a greed-based formula at work in ther9
0e som>8/<888ewhere…3 10pulls should have generated at least 1 4star (going by the %s above there shud hav been at least 3-4 4star &1 5star) if it was really “RANDOM” as evry1 loves to say. or an A.I. with a really wacked-out dictionary in its little computer brain is running the show. i have purchased 3 10pulls &a dozen or so singles, along with training several ‘elites’ &havent got a single 5star. i can def c why ppl get frustrated &quit playing (&paying!)…

I’d love to get a feature in this forum to not see these kinds of posts. The claim might be legit, but there must be 100+ threads about this exact same complaint. Every day someone is disappointed and begin a new thread…

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