Pullrate Multiplier Tokens

The problem with increasing pullrates is finding the balance between profit and replayability. I believe pull rates should increase but not in an all around sense.

I think a good way for increasing pull rates would be to add in multiplier pull rate tokens. It would increase profit in there bundles, but it would increase replayability without overstepping the balance between the two

Alternatively, allowing trading with a gems tax that was split with the seller could help.

If I’m a player willing to spend money, I’m going to get a lot of duplicates.

Giving them away or trading gets them used - but can reduce the number of pulls performed.

If it cost say …300 gems (or 100, or 1000) to transfer a card, and 10% of those went to seller … it would increase the number of pulls able to be be attempted overtime (and allow some gems to be recaptured by folks chasing pulls)

Multiplier can be controlled by altering the numbers of gems split with the seller, and the non split gems still leave the game - but in a way that’s satisfying to different types of players.

Changing raw multipliers can be dangerous :slight_smile:

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