Pulling Training material

I just did 3x pull for some items the first ok received in my inventory. the second pull nothing can’t even find any thing added. the 3rd it just says no 3 star rarity. yet with each pull one is supposed to get 2x of what ever system gives ???..

I am assuming by “training” material you are referring to the Gem Shop offer to buy “Training Items” for gems?

I am assuming also by the “no 3 star rarity” that you have found & are looking in your Recent Activity Log. (Access by going: Menu -> Support -> Recent Activity)

Recent activity log will not show the 2* or below items you receive. So things like backpacks, Roots, leather Armour etc… Will not appear in this log, regardless of where they come from (deal, shop, farming, loot etc…)

As above, just because it’s not in the log doesn’t mean you didn’t get it…
If you went into your inventory, new items are indicated by the +XYZ above the item (example below). Note this only appears the FIRST time you open your inventory, regardless of you go to the tab/ view the items or not.

Note again, 2* and below items do not show the +xyz notation I believe as it runs off your recent activity log data essentially…

If you feel you didn’t get your items, the best bet is to #contact-support :

I only received in inventory 2 items in my three X pull… but Ty for answer

Can you maybe send us a screenshot of the order you have purchased?

When I was new to the game, I over read that in these offers you do not receive all parts show but just two of them. I picked two 2* trainer heroes which have not been shown anywhere.

this is what i could capture, stock = -3 before it was 10 , and then answer on recent activity… :frowning:

That’s not guarantee you just get 2 from all Thoose itens showed…



Then it was okay. You received 2 unfarmables, a compass and a hidden blade. Other things that you pulled aren’t mentioned in recent activities.

The offer says AT LEAST 2 of the following, which means that you can also get only crap and mostly only 2 or 3 things at all.

Ropes or whatever was pulled too should be marked by a new sign above the items in your inventory, but only for the first visit.

And it looks like you’ve been lucky there by receiving 2 unfarmables.


Hi there, i did check it after purchase, i always do it, yet i only saw 1 knife & compass added and no where else there was indication that something was added to my inventory, on screen you need to accept i believe, 1st onee went ok, checked it then went back for a 2nd & 3rd pull second pull nothing appeared in inventory, 3rd pull is whats in screen shot ppppffffff…

Well, your rate with two unfarmable mats out of three pulls is a lot more than I expected.

Compass in the first pull, hidden blade in the 2nd and two 2* mats in 3rd is pretty good. Don’t worry about the visual glitch that may appear, be happy about the mats you received!

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