Pulling abnormal #'s of 'Exclusive' Hero's - I just pulled 4 x Evelyn

I have spending money probably like many other people this month.

I have paid for a total of 4 x 10 Hero pulls this month.

I have now ended up with 4 Evelyns! On my very last pull I got 2 Bonus pulls at the end and both were Evelyn…back to back.

I have now pulled the last three months worth of ‘Exclusive’ Hero’s . I have also pulled 2 x Aegir’s and 1 x Zimkitha. So in total I have 7 ‘Exclusive’ Hero’s in the last 3 months…

As a comparison, I have four legendary character from regular pulls (Zeline, Santa Claus, Leonidas and Azlar)

It seems strange to me that I would have so many ‘Exclusive’ hero’s in my roster. Anynone else having the same or similar experience.

BTW…I haven’t started feeding Evelyn, anyone know if she is any good ?


Can’t say that this is a problem for me, as I have no hotm’s or 5* event or seasonal hero’s. I hope you’ll get over it in due time, though :wink:


I think you got all my pulls. 4 10x pulls and 5 singles. Only yielded 2x Sir Lancelot and 1x Merlin (duplicate)

If you pulled 4 Evelyn’s, you will use one and the other 3 will just take up roster spots at level 1/1 for all eternity. By the time you get enough mats to start ascending your second Evelyn, there will be a new green you’d want to have instead. A Hero of the Year or something.

Yes, she is good. It’s at the same level of G. Panther and she is the most wanted hero of her event.

Oh, and I have 5 Rudolph by the way. So that means I’m going to have one Rudolph with a special level of 2 right off the bat (100% raise).

Seems to be a good problem to have! :+1:

Evelyn is a must-have and already elite, as she is lovingly called “The Green Panther”

So… yes. level them ALL. (Think about the war possibilities)

I disagree. No one would leave 4 Guardian panther unleveled.

It wasn’t that uncommon to see a dual-panther defense awhile back.

She’s instantly elite and probably top-5 HOTM ever.

(My top 5 ranking: Athena, Gravemaker, Alberich, Evelyn, Alaise)

But G. Panther wreak yellows, Evelyn’s doesn’t “pose a threat” to many red heroes :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ve been lucky, enjoy it! :slight_smile:
I think some people have gotten x3 of the hotm for multiple x10 pulls.

We have a 1.3% chance of getting the Bonus pull for the hotm off of every summon. So technically everyone who gets the hotm with less than 100ish pulls has beat the odds.

In september I got khiona after only 3 or 4 single summons.

This month i used every saved gem I had from the vip pass and cheapo offers trying to get evelyn. I got her on my fourth x10 pull. So she was over ten times harder to get, but I still technically beat the odds. (Then not long after i was elated to get a second from a free epic token I got in a chest! Which is really beating the odds. Once i get one to 3/70 im definitely getting the second to 2/60 for wars and stacking)

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4 stars are easier/faster to level than 5 stars, so panther is not a real good example. if your only options are duplicate Evelyns then go for it (if you have no other green heroes), but in wars you might also want to consider a variety of heroes and abilities to use instead of multiple duplicates (until you are set enough to go back and work on a duplicate). Would you rather have 3 Thornes in your roster or 1 Magni, 1 Isarnia, and 1 Richard? and yes, I purposely used Thorne to help make my point look better. :slight_smile:

Oh, another factor of duplicate Evelyns for war, she debuffs against green so you’re going to need extra greens to take with her into war battles. if you only have 2 Evelyns and 1 Caedmon in your entire roster, then you’re missing out on the benefit.

Both Panther and Evelyn are 5*. Am I misreading your intent?

oops. I guess I should have checked first. my bad. I only have jackal and falcon so I guess I always figured panther was a 4* as well. :frowning:

I think you should stop giving advice at this point

ok. you go ahead and have 2 evelyns and 1 Caedmon on your roster. do it your way, don’t listen to me.

Some good responses here. Nice to know Evelyn is looking to a be a good hero. I didn’t realize that Evelyn is almost identical to Guardian. Her stats are a bit different, Evelyn has lower attack stats than Guardian Panther, but has higher shield and health stats.

I didn’t want to come across as complaining. I know the odds and I know that with this most recent set of 10 x pulls (4 in total for December) I pulled 5 legenadary characters (Santa & 4 x Evelyn) which is exceptionally lucky.

I will wait for Anchor’s grading before I start feeding her, but if it turns out that she is salvageable hero than I think Evelyn will work great with Zeline who I currently have at 3/70…missing one more acension item and then Zeline will be my very first maxed out 5 star Hero. I also have Cademon, Melandor and Kashrek.

Thoughts ?

While @FinishBJ was incorrect on the star level of Panther, he does have a point about Evelyn working best when paired with another green.

Evelyn gives the -54% defense against green but not a lot of damage when compared to a hero like Lianna. The real damage come when Lianna hits one of those poor green-defenseless hero’s :grin:

If you’re running Ev or Panther solo in offense you also get use out of them due to tile damage, but the effect is not as good.

So, yes, both Panther and Ev can be run solo on offense and still be effective. Just not as effective as running them paired with another green. And by the time both Evs are leveled perhaps another green with show up :smile:


You can wait for Anchor to start leveling Evelyn if you want, but she will definitely be an A grade against titans, if not an A+. There is no other green hero that does what she does against blue titans.

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