Pulling a great hero but not sure how they fit in your team?

So i have been playing for 3+ years. I have a decent roster and i have fun playing using mono (raids) or rainbow (PvE). I recently pulled Black knight with costume and was pleased about it. Unfortunately, aside from shrubbear rarely used (there is a pun in there somewhere) i have never had any taunters.

My question is, how do you use your BK on offense. Who do you bring with him?

And also, which “great” hero have you pulled but just really didnt fit your playstyle.

Taunters fit into any team. How they fit into your team depends on your roster and your troop.

The way i see it, a good way to play it (since you use mono) is to bring him in your red stack. That way when he goes off buffing your team and taunt, your other red heroes can go off together or shortly thereafter. It’ll be more challenging to bring just him into another color stack 4-1 because getting 9 tiles (troop 17) just for him to go off and he doesnt do damage or heal

Good luck and congrats

I find him most annoying to fight when he is just off center in one of the flanks so he pulls me away from hitting the middle hero. Congrats on the good pull. I like to use alliance wars to try out my new heroes and see how they shine and who they shine with. Raiding people with the hero can be helpful too.

Mine was Zimkithia.

She is a good hero I personally struggle to implement well. If I had a second 2018 hero so he EL applied everywhere that would help, but I don’t. That leaves:

  • Her A boost, which is smaller than any other A boost on my roster. If I bring her she would overwrite something better potentially.

  • Her heal is so small for fellow reds that, unless it’s a easy stage where you likely don’t need a healer, you would bring a second anyway. Boldtusk and Kiril run into the A boost overwrite. It also impacts Lancelot, whom I enjoy using.

  • Her AoE attack is pretty weak, even by AoE standards. I get it’s because there are other components to her special.

  • Fast cleanse is nice. I don’t mono and also have Sonya and Caedmon costumes at fast speed along with many other cleansers at average or slow. I don’t typically mono, so the color mix is fine.

She is basically a fast red cleanse and everything else about her special has to be planned for or is kind of a liability. This is probably specific to my roster (or intelligence :laughing:), but I can’t make her fit quite right.

I have the same concerns with Tyr not fitting, but he’s not leveled yet.


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I have kitty and pair her up with garnet (used to be grazul). After 2 matches, garnet and grazul charge up and can fire to block ailments. In case any ailment slip by before i have the ailment shield, a third match charges kitty to cleanse. Her attackup now buffs the rest of my team. Running mono that means i will have JF, elizabeth, and zenobia charged up together with kitty after the 3rd match. And the small HoT acts as a secondary healer to the relatively low heal of garnet/grazul. Admittedly, this team does not have enough firepower to target and take out any troublesome heroes.

And coincidentally, i was thinking of replacing zenobia or kitty or (gasp) elizabeth with black knight. Which is the main problem for me. It further slows down my team and decreases the firepower. I was thinking of ascending russel to pair with JF so after the 3rd match and JF fires, russel should fire on the next turn.

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Now im considering this for my mono red team- to be used against any green tanks.

Garnet- BK - JF - russel - elizabeth, what do you guys think?

2nd match: garnet charges
3rd match: BK, JF, elizabeth fires- BK for the attack up, JF spreads fire, elizabeth slows the defense
Next turn: russel should fire and hopefully take out a problematic hero.

I don’t think JF fits in that team as he cannot benefit from the attack boost. I dont have BKs costume but the base version works very well with Wilbur because it can spread the damage and that berserk will skyrocket.

So many - Gazelle, Costume Alby, Costume LoTL, Aouda, etc.

Two forum users who shall not be named are likely to tell you that c BK is “irrelevant in today’s meta.” Do not listen to them, he’s absolutely not.

If you face a buff blocker, be sure to bring a cleanser or an ailment blocker. Diaochan is also a hard pass for taunt heroes. Otherwise, taunt fits pretty much any team composition.

I haven’t pulled that many great heroes to begin with, but those I have are fairly versatile, so I can’t think of any. I use all of them.

Just put attackers around BK. Fast mana hero attackers if you have them

Personally, I’d replace Elizabeth with Zenobia as you don’t seem to have a lot of firepower with Elizabeth. You’re also pretty much wasting BK’s rage without many hard damage dealers. As an extra bonus, Zenobia would get an extra turn of rage assuming it’s within her first 3 buffs, so you may want to watch the timing with JF. Heck, depending on the defense set up, I’d consider replacing JF with Marjana (costumed would be better when paired with Zenobia).
Any taunter is great. They basically soak up damage and allow the other heroes to survive.