Pulling 5* heroes is depends upon your geographical location

Sorry I didn’t see your reply before, @PapaHeavy. Well, my way was easier, but I expect yours was healthier.


Summon result is pretty much determined by your luck. Just like the lottery.
If you happened to pull a 5 * and a bonus hotM with a single EHT, you may proceed to nearest lottery counter…lol.

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Hi @bitra77777, just wondering if you were going to elaborate at all on this theory?


put your pointer on the pie it will then show

I am still curious how sensitive the location finder is for good pulls. Did they code it to country? Province? City? Maybe they even over laid google maps down to street address? That seems most likely.

I’m going to go a step further. Noting the forum rules quoted below, I’d ask @bitra77777 to elaborate or I’ll close the thread as false information. Given the holiday seasons, I’ll wait a few days before it’s closed.


Well Merry Christmas too you any way @Gorann!!

Grimble asks for directions @nevarmaor, it must be his goat? He keeps showing up in my roster so at least he knows the way? Wish he’d bring some of his porridge making, present giving friends along with him…


Merry Christmas to you too, PapaH.

I’ll tell you another thing pulling seems to be sensitive to: timing. Getting up this morning and reviewing my decision not to pull until January, I thought - actually it might be fun to have Grimble - I have five EHT - why not take a punt? It is Christmas morning, after all. So I used one EHT, and got Buddy and Grimble. Honestly, I kid you not. Merry thingies indeed. (It’s a long green queue for Buddy though.)

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Is it false? I would like to see some more evidence proving this wrong. Isn’t that what we always want when someone makes a claim, proof. I mean common belief used to be the earth was flat. Can we just dismiss a theory without proving it wrong. Sorry, just joking. Couldn’t help myself. :yum:

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Means that, if you are present in some countries only you will get other countries will not get

Will you agree that pulls are random, if you pull from Atlantis, Seasonal, Elemental and from Guaranteed rare training camp also giving same hero which is Bane and Balthazar. I was received Bane 6 times and Balthazar 5 times. if it is random every time should be a new hero Same hero repeating definitely something not correct

If you pull from Atlantis, Seasonal, Elemental I am getting every time same hero that is Bane only what is the probability getting every time same hero will you say that it is random?

It was not the price of gems. It was programming problem, if you pull only certain countries or locations only you will get other locations you will not get for some locations you will get same hero every time. Trying different hero is futile exercise

If I am getting same hero every time shall we call it as random if I do 10 summons 6 times Bane and 4 times Balthazar only

Yes you are correct, it is not random. You are getting Balthazar and Bane repeatedly because you can only get heroes that start with the same letter as your country; you must be from Belgium, Brazil, or Bulgaria.

I want Santa, so I just booked a cheap stand-by flight to Singapore to get him; fingers crossed!


only some Euro countries and some states of us locations will get 5* other places will not get

Yes, you guessed correct, longitude and Altitude

@Bruno82 @FabulaSumus @jedon @therocketcat @Brobb @FrenziedEye
Are you able to confirm this hypothesis?

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Is this kinda Christmas trolling or what? :rofl:

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