Pulling 5* heroes is depends upon your geographical location

It was observed that 5* heroes not getting everybody its not random its depend upon your geographical location

Gladly I’m only ever doing my pulls in heavily forested areas untainted by a sinful presence of the human society.


Please explain more what you have noticed.
This way nobody can ever comment or discuss this issue (or test it).
What have you noticed, how is it different when summoning and so on.


tenor (18)


I’m intrigued to see the data


Oh, guess THAT must be the reason why I got so many Horghalls :thinking: :joy:


I fear we’re staying into the realms of Fairly False Forum Facts

Imagine this is proved true, would you:

  • sell the dog, leave your significant other and move house
  • post your phone to an alliance mate in a high summons zone every time you wanted to spend gems
  • Become a nomad, travelling across the land in a battered campervan full of dubious radio equipment scanning for 5* anomalies in the space-time continuum
  • Jack it all in and play Merge Dragons

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I just pulled Natalya a couple of hours ago. Must have been because I put the central heating on. Fire heroes don’t like the cold.


Hmmm, so I used to pull 5s with ease when living in an urban area. Since moving rurally I now have little success, yet more succes with 4 mats :thinking::joy:

I would also like to point out, @JonahTheBard that we are treading into #rct830 territory also :nerd_face:


Indeed :sweat_smile:

Off topic
Can you see the result of my poll? I told it to show a pie chart, which now shows up as a tiny circle with the options also very difficult to read. Is it like that for everyone?


Yes very difficult to read. Kinda small


This is how it appears for me, after selecting show results:


I see the pie ok, it looks like an inverted peace symbol.

I only see half the legend (sell the dog… and jack it all in…) and it’s kinda greyed out. From what I can tell sell the dog… has no votes.

PS this is on my laptop.


@Bloom609 @nevarmaor @MrsBCW

Thanks…I won’t do that again :face_with_raised_eyebrow: it’s a waste of good pie :pie:


I’ll take the blue slice if you don’t mind :innocent:

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While I agree the premise seems unfounded, absurd, and laughable…

It could be logical


If SG cross matched user location with higher income / GDP areas, and had worse summon rates for those areas, that would make sense.

I don’t think this occurs because SG has said the numbers are what they are, and I assume that’s something they don’t need to risk lying about because they’re printing money here.

But it could make sense.


Looks great on my tablet.

It would be nice to know what observations led to the first post.


Where’s the poll for what percentage of Forum users who join just to spout conspiracy theories are actually working for competitors and just making trouble? :face_with_monocle:

  1. There has been absolutely no evidence presented to show that your location affects your pull that I have ever seen…


  1. As has been posted previously elsewhere gem prices vary considerably between countries. The exchange rates used have been set to have a very considerable amount of wiggle room for exchange rate fluctuations and SG passes on all taxes to the consumer rather than reduce their profit margins. As such in real terms players in different countries can find they are able to get more gems or pulls for what would be in real terms an equivalent amount of money in each currency.

In that sense someone living in a country in which they’re able to get 20% more gems than another for spending roughly the same money would naturally have more chances to land a particular hero.

So whilst location doesn’t affect what the pull is where you live can affect how many pulls you can make with the budget you afford and so whilst it is great to be able to play in an international alliance later on in the game I would recommend to those starting out that starting in an alliance based in your own country can be good to calibrate your expectations of what others facing the exchange rates and taxes you are. You don’t want to start out feeling pressured to match the results of those in countries where it might be much cheaper…


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