Pulled Zocc, too early to start level 5*?

I’m drowning in 4* options and I’ve pulled 3x 5* cards (Rana, Isarnia, Zocc). I’d very much appreciate any tips on where I should put my efforts and resources from here.

If you want to have a good time participating on 3* tournaments and challenge events, I would recommend you finish one or two 3* teams first before you focus on 4*s.

Meaning, definitely hold off on your 5*s. Looking at your roster you very likely don’t have the necessary materials to ascend them fully.

BTW – congrats on your 5* heroes :slight_smile:


Based on your roster depth of 67 heroes and your limited progress on leveling-up heroes, I would suggest that you stop spending money on pulls for a while. You will need several months’ worth of ascension items to ascend your current heroes and likely and similar amount of time to generate feeders to level them up to the point of ascension. I would focus on 5-stars first, then non-classic four-stars (i.e. Gaffar, Jabbar, Bursti, Frida, and Brynhild). Use this time to build up your training camps and farms and observe what it takes to generate ascension materials for your heroes and then make a more informed decision on how to spend for additional heroes in the future.

Best wishes.

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Before leveling ANY, you can check your inventory and see how many of each ascension material you have:

Remember 3* heroes are fairly painless to raise and will not cost you any special 3/4* ascension materials.

I would start with 3* that can be finished quickly; then level 4* heroes (maybe start with a rainbow, one of each color, plus make sure you have at least one healer), then 5*.


Brynhild is way better than Zocc.

Max about ten 4* after finishing about fifteen 3*, then start to max five 5*, one of each color.

After that - if you’re still playing - do whatever you want. :wink:


You have a lot of 4’s, but most are unleveled and none are maxed. I can’t see your 3’s, but assuming you have a few maxed rainbow teams of 3’s I would personally forget your 5’s even exist until you have 3-5 teams of MAXED 4’s.

This will give you a lot of experience and playability within the game while waiting to get to your 5’s. Another perk is the time it takes to level all those 4’s will allow you to accumulate 5* hero ascension items so you actually have enough when you’re ready for those heroes.

You have a great roster though with some really solid heroes, congrats on those pulls!

Good luck and keep us posted! :+1:

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It depends on you stronghold and township development too.

4-5* heroes will consume tremendous amount of food until they reach maxed level. You can simply get stuck with finding recruits, food and iron if you start leveling and ascension of 4-5* too early.

I remember myself started working on 5* heroes after 8 months of had been playing E&P