Pulled same hero of soul exchange

One week ago my mate pulled Skadi after taking her from soul exchange.
Same for me, taking Chamaleon from soul exchange today i pulled him on festival portal. Ok, i’m not a conspiracy fan, i know that probabilities are weird and so on but… someone else experienced the same curious coincidence?

uuuuh, maybe I can win a second ursena in my next Atlantis pull… I’m looking forward to it… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:


Well, I never pulled C. Killhare despite 70 pulls total, so your theory has some holes in it :face_with_monocle:

But hey, I’d love to be wrong; send one costume my way if I am :crazy_face:

That was my biggest fear with SE … with my luck as it is I figured after exchanging for thor I would end up pulling him in Valhalla but fortunately I just got the usual fodder from that horrible portal that has not always been favorable.


ok, i’m happy to be wrong :sweat_smile: ty for save me from becoming a conspiracy theorist! :rofl: :rofl:

You know that you have been playing a while (and maybe too long???) If you start pulling good heroes and are disappointed because they are dupes… happened to me with mother north- did get a costume for the boost, and elizabeth.

If this is you biggest fear, then I wish I had the others, too…

S3 heroes owned: Gefjon and Tyr. 50pulls chasing Alfrilke: only legendary seen is… Tyr again :sweat_smile:
Event heroes: BK, Redhood, Hatter, Chamaleon and pulled chamaleon :sweat_smile:
this only to say that i’m not one of those guy with 130 5* saying “oms what a bad luck, a dupe”

I did S3 & S4 only with free/earned coins… My only S3 is Baldur - twice :slight_smile: but I will keep him

Thankfully nope, as I never got a 5* from S3 portal ever. I got Skadi from SE. Not because I had no 5* from S3, but because of SS.

That’s always the risk with this game. When Underwild debuted last year, I was hoping to get Phileas Fogg, and was excited to get him very early on. I ended up with 2 more S4 Legendaries when the portal closed. However, those 2 Legendaries were Fogg.

I knew it was a risk that I may potentially pull Ursena from the Atlantis portal, but that didn’t stop me from sacrificing my duplicate Foggs in SE.

I had the exact same thing happen in reverse I suppose. I was planning to take skadi from SE and right before the exchange occurred, I pulled skadi. There was no one else I really wanted.

When a hero is good dupes can be useful… dont look a gift horse :wink:

Seems to me as some very lucky pulls…

Same here, i picked up Killhare during soul exchange, pulled her with costume a few days ago from 15 pulls. Im not mad at all though, i wanted the costume and 2 Killhares can make a really strong offensive team.


Same here, for 15 months HA is working non stop. I got 5 non s1 heroes which are evelyn, fransuva, vela, c sartana and c. Khagan which I had already. Better to mention also I have only 19 hotm as a player of 4 years. And doubled 3 of them from HA.

And I have only 4 costume s1 and I get Khagan and sartana again.

As a result I got nothing for 15 months of HA digging

I have only 4 S1 5* costumes: Joon, Elkanen, Elena and Obakan…
My 2nd HA10 retraining gave me a hero plus costume - Elena :frowning:

Happy gaming


I had a somewhat opposite experience.
I wanted Killhare from Soul Exchange but at the last hour went for the cheaper option of Ursena.
And then low and behold pulled Costume Killhare in the event.
So currently a happy chap, but it should make you think twice about who to swap out from SE


JGE - I had a very similar experience. I was between Skadi and Killhare but figured I had 29 chances to get Killhare. I took Skadi who is flipping amazing and, while it took a lot more than 29 chamces, I did eventually get Killhare. Super pumped about it. And then got Costume Kadilen from HA10 to boot. April has been good.


This happened to me too. I got Killhare from SE and then pulled her costume later. No regrets. Happy to have Killhare’s giant rabbit sword. :blush:

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