Pulled nadezhda, now what to do?

So I cna fully level her and get her to 20 emblems. Is she a good defense hero in your opinion? I hate the fact you can’t control the charge on defense, but she is technically my first 5s healer. I was saving my tokens for Christmas in hopes of getting mother north, but I got her. What you guys think? I go back and forth between. Knight and Liz for my D. Does she replace them on D or no?

I think it’s difficult to say without proper testing. I don’t have her, but her first special does not seem strong enough and her second can be played around.

I do have BK and Liz though and I don’t think I’d trade them with her on defense. I think she can be very good on offense though, especially with heroes that profit from the burn (like Emilio or Oct HotM) or if you don’t have a Fire 5* healer.

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Yeah I’m not sure what I’m going to do with her yet. I’ll play around first and see what’s up.

I think she can be an awesome A+ flank for defense, But only B as tank…

You wish to maximize her potential of reviving and ressurecting and you cant do that on wing, neither as tank.

I hope of pulling her after I collect all offers :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t put Mother North/Alby into your defense, so I don’t see myself putting Nadezhda in either.
Congrats on the pull!

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I’m guessing your name is the same in the game. I beat your defence yesterday and Lizzie gave you a fighting chance. I can’t see this hero being better in your defence tbh.

Great to have but not all heroes are defence heroes


Let me go look and see if I can revenge. Yep that was you and take my 3 garbage revenges that did absolutely diddly.

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Thanks for the cups!

Sif is horrid in that formation if you let her fire. I take mono-Purp and hope to blitz her with 3 up the middle

I either connect or I don’t. I forfeit matches all the time if the boards are not in my favor. The first 2 I dipped out right off the bat, lats one it was decent but sif dodged most my attacks so I was done before I even started.