Pulled a Gravemaker! Now how do I edit Defense Team?

Ok so I had the great fortune of pulling a Gravemaker over last weekend’s Atlantis Rising event! It’ll take time to get the mats, but of course I’ll ascend him as quickly as possible.

My question is, once Gravemaker is fully ascended how to I tailor the best possible team around him with what I’ve got? I’ve attached pictures below showing my roster and numerous options.

Currently my def team is: Kage, Zim, Viv, Magni, Evelyn (in that order). Soon I’ll have the last mats required to push another 5* blue and yellow hero and was thinking Onatel and Aegir night go better in team with GM… thoughts?

image image

@Thorspan Gm is awesome congrats… he can be put in any position… Center and flank most common use. Do u have mana troop to 11… that helps. Are u abe to fully level him? If not u might have to hold off. Assume u are a diamond level. Not fully level will be target first. Once he is fully level. Vivica, Gm, magni, kaga, eve.
Magni, gm, vivid kaga, eve

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With the new heroes. I would try Evelyn, Kageburado Aegir Grave Onatel. Or Evelyn Zimkitha Aegir Grave Kageburado

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Sound like a plan replacing Viv/Magni with Onatel/Aegir if you want to stay raibow. Changing Zim against GM sounds reasonable, he is just amazing. Zim as a fast cleanser is great as well.
You may want to think about a different setup altogether, like doubling on dark or red, with Kage/Kunch and Zim/GM … so many options.
Depends also a bit on your troops to support that, for example you would need a high mana troop for Kunchen plus a high crit troop for Kage.
In general: don’t expect too much, with soooo many good attacking teams out there, there is no defense in the world that can hold them. So just play around and have fun to fight back those cups :smiley_cat:

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I have grave flanked my aegir and kitty on the other flank. Working great on the cirner is victor and lianna. Thats a very fast troup.


I have all Crit troops at lvl 15 and one purple mana troop at 11 for Kage. Working on a red mana troop now for GM that is currently at lvl 6. I’ve stock piled many red troops but not rushing through it as I still need mats (4 rings) to fully ascend him anyway.

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I like the way you think @AngkorKhmer! I was thinking along the same lines, and having Zim and GM in same team is definitely something I’ll try at some point!

Yes @Kwoky00, I am in diamond level and usually stay there. Now that I have GM I’m hoping I have slightly better staying power since I can come down so quickly. Guess we’ll see :slight_smile:

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