Pull for Delilah / Onatel or wait until next month?

Basically i’m looking for reasons to do a few pulls this month :sweat_smile:
I don’t need any other currently featured heroes except for delilah and onatel, they both look fun to play with although i know joon or guinevere would be best in slot.

Currently my only yellow 5* are inari & vivica which are both maxed, and justice and musashi who are both at lvl 1 still.

Delilah will probably return as featured in a few months. Onatel will take a while. So i guess it’ll just depend on how badly i want them. Maybe i’ll do a 10pull just in case i might get real lucky…

I think you should try, but do not be surprised if you do not get her ( one teammate spent thousands chasing Kageburado and still does not have him ).

I have spent $100 USD ( $50 when HotM, and $50 this Atlantis ) chasing Delilah ( both Gryphonkit, my wife, and her BFF have 2+ Delilahs ), and not gotten her. In fact this month I got more blue 5* heroes ( still have no green 5* hero, of any sort, and no good blue 5* heroes ).

Beware, Delilah is a attack minion hero - all allies get minions that attack - and these can mess up your Titan score - you cannot match while minions are attacking, but minions are very fragile compared to a Titan hit so they do not tend to last long ( yay HP shields ).

P.S. I did get Proteus, so poor Wizard Kiril will have to wait.


Got Delilah on a single pull. I was very pleased with the SG Gods today.

  • pro: Delilah is a top-notch healer; her annoying minions have won many battles. She’s almost on a par with Guinevere as a defense tank, but much more versatile in raiding. Onatel is a super mana control hero who, if you play her well, can dominate a raid. Kageburado is probably the best purple sniper, possibly the best sniper, in the game.
  • con: next month will bring two new Season 2 heroes, likely Ariel and Atomos. Ariel may be the best healer in the game. Atomos may be the most durable tank. And the HotM, Kunchen, is a high-quality purple healer
  • caveat: getting any 5* hero from a summons is very unlikely.

I was unlucky in my pulls. :frowning: but that doesn’t mean you will be. If you want to make a pull, do it. I am not unhappy with Onatel.

If you’re going to do a small-number pull like a 10-pull on Atlantis, I strongly advise waiting until you’re happy with any of the 4 featured heroes. If you just want one in particular, your chances are really bad.

There are 4 featured heroes dividing up 1.3% probability in Atlantis. That means the average number of pulls to get Delilah s 308, and the 95% probability point (19 in 20 chance) is 920 pulls.

For 10 pulls, you have a 3.2% chance of getting her. That’s like flipping a coin 5 times and getting 5 heads in a row. Sure, it happens, but you may not want to bet $30 on it.

Adding in Onatel makes things a little better. With a 10-pull, there’s a 15% chance of getting at least one of them. That’s more like getting 3 heads in a row on 3 flips. Bad, but not super awful.

If you wait until you like all 4 featured heroes plus the HOTM, your chances on a 10-pull go up to 23%. That’s more like getting 2 heads in 2 flips. That happens pretty often. You’re still going to be disappointed 3 times in every 4 that you try it, but at least you have a decent shot.


Good replies! Thanks all. I decided to do a 10pull and got onatel so that’s great. I’ll save my other gems for next months atlantis, and delilah will probably be available again in a few months.


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